Running scared

My lovely daughter signed me up for a 10mile road run this Sunday. The most I have ever run is 7.5 miles and I'm terrified. I think my biggest fear is coming in so far behind everyone else that they'll have packed up and gone home. I don't run fast (read snail in treacle speed) and 10 miles is a bl**dy long way. It's too late to back out now I've been sponsored over £100 but what if I can't do it? Help!! Encouragement needed😱


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13 Replies

  • Good luck with it i'm sure you'll be fine and it doesn't matter where you finish just think of the difference your sponsor money will make to the charity you are running for.

  • "What if I can't do it?" shouldn't concern you, as you're going to do it! 😉

    It doesn't matter how long it will take; you are raising money for a good cause and that makes you a winner regardless to how many people will cross the finish line before you.

  • Just go steady and you will make it round, I think youll find there are definitely others who haven't run the distance in training, I hadn't when I did mine last year. Keep determined and think of how proud you and your daughter will be, and you'll be heading to that finish line. Good luck and keep us posted 😊

  • Speed is of as much importance here as it is in all those posts people make during the programme: zero. You run your race at your speed and that is al that matters.

    Distance is not a problem either. We seldom run to the absolute end of our capacity so almost always have a good amount still in the tank. When marathon training for example, most plans only take you up to 18 or 20 miles as the longest run, and you just add the rest on the day. HM plans generally only go up to 10 miles. I think you will find that with the excitement of the event, the extra distance will barely be noticeable on the day.

  • Thank you folks. I'll let you know on Sunday how it went. Fingers crossed 🤗

  • Hey- you'll be fine! You are three quarters of the way there- the atmosphere at the event will carry you through the last bit. Just run really slowly so you don't burn out. Who cares if you take a walk break- just finishing the race is enough. Don't stress about time. Good luck and feel proud of yourself- you deserve to be.

  • You will be fine Pam, try not to worry too much ( easier said than done I know ) You will get around, the other runners and spectators will get you through it .

    Take walk breaks if needs be , no pressure .

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • I haven't any words of wisdom, but what do they say? - feel the fear and do it anyway! Best of luck. I'm looking forwards to hearing the report!

  • Funny - I'm in the same boat, except a shorter distance. I have a 10k race tomorrow and the most I've covered lately has been 7k. My plan is just go go out with a smile on my face, do my best and have a good time. The other people running always seems to give you enough oomph to get to the end. I'll be looking forward to your post race report!

  • Good Luck tomorrow runswithdogs . I love it where you say you're going with a smile on your face :-) xxx

  • Aren't daughters wonderful! Good luck with your run on Sunday, it doesn't matter where you finish or how long you take just think of what you'll have achieved. Relax and enjoy.

  • when you did wk 5r3 you jumped from 8 minutes running to 20 minutes running, that's a bigger step than 7 miles to have faith you can do it!

  • I don't have any advice as I'm still in the early stages myself - but just wanted to wish you good luck! I'm sure you will do it :)

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