Injury advice needed please

I went for a 5k walk with the other half on Sunday and could feel a twinge in my left knee but not unbearable. Then yesterday I took my new trainers for a gentle 5k. I could feel the same thing at the start but then it went away and I was fine. I was really good and did a warm up and cool down walk and stretched after. Today I got up and it was definitely stiff and feeling 'fat' behind the knee when I bend it and it's got steadily worse throughout the day. Rest? Run through it?


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  • I have no advice for you I'm afraid but would be interested to hear what comments you get. I have a problem with my right knee and rested for best part of a week, ran w8r2 on Monday with a slight bit of discomfort but not too bad at all but since then it has been quite painful and similar fat, stiff feeling when I bend it. I am doing some knee exercises I was shown in physio many years ago but really want to get on with running! Hope you get your problem sorted out soon.

  • I'm guess the fat feeling is it actually swelling and given the fact it got worse during the day I personally would recommend rest - get it elevated and some ice. Obviously I'm not a doctor and I can't see your knee so it's only my opinion. Other than sitting with a bag frozen peas there are other things like biofreeze gel and freeze spray that you can use throughout the day to help with pain and any swelling. I am also a convert to the benefits of kinesiology tape to support and aid recovery, google it and have a read there are loads of videos on YouTube on how to apply it to various areas I found the instructions in very helpful.

    So rest, then maybe consider tape or support, if no better get it checked out.

    Hope it's better soon.

  • I also suggest ice packs, just wrap a bag of frozen peas in an old t-shirt or tea towel, put it on a cushion on a chair or stool and rest your leg on it. Do this daily for a few days. Keep your leg elevated as much as possible and get some support to wear for a few days. I definitely wouldn't run for a few days or until recovered.

  • Thanks guys, 'RICEing' as I type! Feeling better today. I've started training for a 10k and think I may have been pushing up my distances too quickly, my old body is having a moan!

  • I would rest it and ice too. The fat feeling behind the knee sounds like inflammation or build up of fluid which is the bodies way of cushioning an injured joint. If its very painful try taking an anti-inflammatory tablet like Ibuprofen or rubbing injured area with Voltarol Pain-eze gel which has Diclofenac in it (another anti-inflammatory). After your shower you could also turn the water to cold and spray it on the painful area for about 5 minutes. I do that after a long run all the time. Hope it settles down soon for you.

  • Thanks Oldgirl, I started C25K in Jan 13 and have only had one niggle before about a year ago and if I remember rightly it was the same knee so I'm a little concerned now. Last time I set off running across a car park in the snow, work shoes and no warm up, lesson learned. What's worrying me is that this started when I was just out walking. Do you think it's worth seeing a sports physio? I'd be devastated if I had to stop running (OMG! Did I really type that?! I hardly recognise myself these days!)

  • Yes I think seeing a Sports Physio is always worth a visit if you have a recurring injury, You will at least get a correct diagnosis then and correct treatment with ongoing exercises you can do too. Money well spent in my opinion but it is only my opinion.

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