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Week 5 run 3 done!

Well I've been dreading it since I started but today was the day. I took everyone's advice and set off nice and slow and it was fine! I actually found it easier than the two eight min runs. I controlled my breathing and had plenty in the tank at the end - in fact, I increased my speed for the last two mins and probably could've gone on for another five.

In a way, I think all the dread was a good thing because it was nowhere near as bad as I'd expected it to be.

On Saturday, I'm doing a British Heart Foundation 5K, and I think it might actually be possible to run the whole thing, albeit very slowly.

My message to anyone approaching this run is that you CAN do it! I weight 17 stone and I'm a smoker, so if I can do it then anyone can!

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Super. Well done.

As you say, you are now finding the straight running to be easier than the run/walk intervals so don't be at all disheartened if you find week 6 to be tough. By consensus it is the hardest week of the program for, I think, exactly that reason.

Good luck with your 5K and don't be afraid to take a walking break(s) if you need it.


I also found it to be easier than the intervals so tonight's W6R1 is going to be strange. Well done!


Well done you! and good luck for your BHF 5k. 😀😀


Wow, well done, nice and slow - the way to go! If you do the same on your 5k, it should be fine. Being relaxed is totally the right thing too, when I went to a running club, they told me to relax my shoulders because it opens up the lungs to promote better breathing. This works for me, I even let my arms dangle down and relax my shoulders and breathe deeply and slowly for a few paces on a run. I find it helps me and gives me a boost too. I also relax my legs including the ankles, calves and knees too. Let us know how it goes, all the very best


Thanks for the tip - I'll try that! My ankle was getting a bit stiff about half way through today so I tried to make it a bit more floppy for a minute and it seemed to relieve the pain. I'm sure I looked bizarre though haha

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I had stiff knees, I blame Laura because she told me to run so that if someone was on the other side of a hedge, they wouldn't see me bouncing! This means I don't really bend them much as I run and on a long run, they get stiff. I sometimes flex them mid run to get them moving. I also find flex and strength exercises on running rest days have almost entirely avoided any problems, maybe you could do some for your ankles


Well done keep going


Lovely post. Good luck for Saturday!😊


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