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Week 1 done...advice and calf stretch recommendations please

So I used to run 10-15k as a teenager...stopped age 21 when I had my first daughter, then 2 more children followed and haven't run since (eldest is now now 8!).

I downloaded the C25K app and had a go at I'm so unfit!!

I got to the end of run 3 and was feeling quite sick! I'm covering roughly 3.5k in the time (including the 5min warm up and cool down) but I can see this increasing gradually as I run more and walk less.

Couple of questions:

Has anyone got any good recommendations for calf stretches? My calf is very tight-currently stretching before by putting hands against wall and bending one leg forwards whilst keeping other straight then swapping, and again after, and following with a shower straight after run. Any better recommendations?

My other question-I regularly walk at the weekends with the children, doing roughly 3-6miles (5-10km) both days along country paths/hills/fields etc. and wouldn't want this to stop as they love it-however this week I did my runs on Tues, Thurs and Sat...followed by a 6mile walk Saturday too, then a 4 mile walk on I likely to do some leg damage doing this or is it just my body getting used to the running this week?

Thanks for any advice

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First off, just try to slow the running intervals down. You should be able to hold a conversation when running. Feeling sick suggests you are reaching your lactic threshold which, in turn, suggests you are trying to go too fast.

Calf stretch suggestion here:

It should be fine to continue with the walking but until you get used to it maybe try and give yourself an extra day of rest between runs. This will do you no harm at all.


Thanks for that advice and the stretch link-only felt bad this morning so possibly overdone the weekend, rest today and run again tomorrow-hopefully recovered by then.


Another calf stretch to try is heel drops, I do both before running. I would think your weekend walks will help rather than cause damage as you were doing them already but my simple advice is to listen to your body, it will tell you if you're doing too much for your present level of fitness. C25K gently gets to you ready to run, if you find you're getting little injuries then you're pushing too hard.

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Thank you for the advice.


I found a good website called The Balanced Runner and it is called The Most Important Pre-Run Warmup:A Calf/Achilles Dynamic Stretch. Hope it helps. Good Luck.

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Thanks for the advice


Many of us find that the 5 minute warm up walk is all that is required before a run... and it may be worth thinking 'running motion' rather than 'teenage sprinting' to help you keep loose.

Might possibly also be worth looking at what you are wearing - something covering those tricky calves perhaps?


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