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No flies on Me! W1R3

I'm currently using the cross-trainer at home for my C25K journey. It's in my loft and so, unfortunately, were rather a lot of flies yuk! Not sure whether the hoards of dead ones grossed me out more than those buzzing repeatedly against both the roof windows. I only wish I'd opened the windows prior to my 3rd "run" of the week ... I'd enough on my plate synchronising Laura's podcast & my latest attempt to get the wrist gadget to recognise I'd actually been active & not just cultivating a really good resting heart rate lol (It would appear Demo mode had somehow engaged itself and only a lost hour with the manual could resolve it) I digress, so today I wished I had a 3rd eye, one for the gadget, one for the podcast and one on the flies :-D hey ho time to review the stats and i can't believe I've racked up 52% in "Sprint Mode" & 24% in "Fat Burn" - I'm just pleased I made it to the end without ingesting any flying beasties ... I may just have to go up there on Monday to reCheck the Stats and evict any stray bugs lurking ... I shall get out in the fresh air soon I promise :-)

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Tee hee. This made me giggle..many of us have snacked on flying things, usually when running outside though! Some have suggested, it is extra protein!

Well done you anyway, for braving the loft and the flies!

Try not to focus too much on distance, speed or stats etc,..just do the journey your way and follow the programme carefully.

If you can get outside do.. you will enjoy it I feel.. I do! Many folk do the C25K on the treadmill/trainer, but many take the outside route at some point too! It is very different :)

I am an outside gal, but use my cross -trainer on rest days for improving stamina and core strength; it was also a real help when i was coming off the IC, after breaking my ribs!

Keep posting anyway, the support you will get is amazing!


Thanks for the encouragement Oldfloss - this is a 5 year plus journey on the C25K wagon, this time I thought I'd mix it up a bit by starting on the cross-trainer and adding in fresh air days until they take over. The stats were more to check I'd actually got the gadget working than setting targets etc. I think the cross trainer is good for my getting a rhythm going - and I usually get loads of fresh air hiking. Nice idea to cross-train on rest days for core & stamina :-D

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I have the door to my studio open if I am on my trainer...fresh air... had snow blowing in over Christmas...:)

Plus, the walking is great as you say, too! Have you seen the Walking for Health Link on this forum? It is a great new forum that for come of us really compliments the C25K or the Bridge to 10 K


Thanks I'll check it out :-)

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Just wondering how you calculate mileage on the cross- trainer as any time I've used one it seems to take a long while to get any distance on it, or are you just using different speeds.

I did my first outside run of the year last week and can confirm that it is warm enough now - dip a toe on the open road (mixing metaphors dune cheap)


Hi Theziggy, I don't think the Freestyle mode stats I got would give mileage, it gave time, heart rate & calories. The cross-trainer digital display needs a battery so no figures gained there. I'm really just experimenting with hands resting for "walks" but pumping for the "runs" which seemed to work for changing speed. I aim to head out with Laura this week at least once ... just need to tackle downloading the W2 podcast in the right place lol and engage the watch into gps mode. Thanks for the encouragement to embrace the outdoors :-)


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