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first time giving up on a run and turns out it could have been my best !! figures

I want to get a 5 k in under 30 minutes, that's my goal, but after the last few runs, i'd just be happy with a 5k, or half an hour, doing so rubbish right now. cant get any routine, struggling for motivation to get out, such a stark contrast from the c25k when I was always eager and excited and happy, just so annoyed with my self and my rubbish attitude :-(

Loaded up the speed podcast for the first time, It was fast, very fast,

I looked at run keeper after 10 minutes of my run and noticed that i'd only done 0.68 of a km.... there was no gps signal. So annoyed, I need the motivation of seeing how far I've gone, I was so annoyed that I turned and headed back running the last 4 minutes back to edge of the field.

Got home,, and just like another blog I just read today, turns out, it was a good run, or it would have been....if i'd kept going. found a previous map I had on endomondo of the same run, turns out I just ran 2.86 km in 14 minutes. why couldn't I have just kept going and looked at the map when I got home.. So annoyed at myself, feeling like total rubbish.

I'm so missing the programme. I find it so hard to motivate myself and stick to my runs without the plan. Feeling all lost at sea :-(

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think we all kind of loose our way a little bit after the structure of c25k then there is nothing after it.... I went really rubbish on a couple of them - did 15mins then walked, then did speed and had to walk, then did 20 mins and had to walk ....

so I don't think this is a failure at all - this is just normal and quite a lot of people feel down and have bad runs.

but then - look at the pace, 2.86k in 14 mins, would have put you at 5k in something like 28/29 mins - that is some going girl!!

so now it's time for you to do the thinking & the planning for each run. the only thing different from c25k is that now you have to choose your own run....

Happy Running.


How about aiming for a particular run and training for it, like race for life or parkrun. I enjoyed doing the stamina podcasts to improve my 5km times, but changed to b210k to go further ready for my 5mile run in 3 weeks time - that gives me a program to follow (but doesn't have lovely Laura to advise me!) :-)

Keep at it and you'll find some inspiration I'm sure :-)


I agree with Poppy. If you are struggling for motivation, enter a race of some sort - you don't have to be super fast to run the Race for Life or to enter a park run - it's all about running your own race. Give it a go, it might just give you the motivation you need. Don't let it get you down - you've done so well to get so far! Good luck!


I agree with the comments above, I think once we complete C25K we need a new target to work towards. So a race is a good target, another is to set faster times or longer distances. My first post C25K aim was to get to 10km and the second was a sub 25 min 5km. You can set challening aims for yourself and that can be a good source of motivation.


Don't be disheartened. I gave up on two runs a few weeks ago (only a couple of weeks after graduation). I carried on going out though. I put Laura back on week 9 and seem to have found my mojo again. I'm getting faster although it doesn't feel like it! I'm enjoying it again! You'll get there.


You went out there and that's the most important thing. I haven't been out since my grad run and it's killing me. I got so ill and then the littlies got ill and tmw I'm off to Spain so I'm guessing it'll be 3 weeks between runs. Nightmare!

Don't worry that you gave up, everyone has bad runs once in a while, at least you weren't on the sofa! Maybe we should set ourselves a challenge and egg each other on. Mine would be to get out 3 times a week and maybe work towards a 10k run in November (gulp!)

Here's to your next run! :)


Hey thanks, I just had a bit of a 'moment' You are so right, I have just done that and sat and wrote down a new plan for myself. I'm going to post it as a blog for myself so that I HAVE to do it ! lol

You should go for your 10 k run ! I'll be here to egg you on, its thanks to you and 'MathhewW' I did this in the first place, all the support I got from you two was what kept me going. Good luck for your flight :-)


Thanks ! everyone is right, I've made myself a plan and going to get my head back down and move forward. :-)


I've been struggling since graduation too. I have been getting out three times a week, running 5-6K, but am not find running enjoyable at the moment, so it's more a case of making myself go out, rather than looking forward to it. I'm doing a 5K Santa Fun Run in two weeks, which I'm hoping will help me get my mojo back. If it weren't for the fact that people have sponsored me, I might have been tempted to give up!


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