Soggy joggy!

Or something. For the second time in three weekends I missed the opportunity to go for a nice daytime run in gorgeous weather on the Saturday, so had to go in the rain and dark on Sunday. It's been a busy day with no chance to go out until I had to take Miss Rainbow to her youth group in the next village this evening. Aha, I thought - a good opportunity to run somewhere slightly different (although very familiar as I've run there lots in the past few years), so I got ready and off we went.

Cedric first piped up when I was getting ready to start, telling me I hadn't put a fresh podcast on my phone. No problem, I can just reuse Week 9 and add a bit on the end if I feel like it. *squish* Then he pointed out it was raining and I hadn't picked up a run belt which would protect my phone better than it just being in my pocket. No problem, I could put it on a spare bag which was in the car, then in my pocket. *squish* He seemed to take offence that his 'helpful' advice was being spurned and stomped off back to his lair.

Gremlin thus dispatched, off I set. Walk up to the main road, turn around and start heading back along the nice long road going ever so gently downhill. Round all the cul-de-sacs, down to the next big road, along, round the crescents, down round all the loops to the big main road - and start the long drag uphill.

Cedric felt it was time for his next motivational moment (ahem!), and cheerfully pointed out this was a loooooong uphill drag that I always find tough. But I only had ten minutes to go, and I was determined. Didn't matter how slowly I went, I was going to get up that hill if I could - and if I couldn't, then I was going to turn round and run back down the way I'd just come. Walking was not an option! The last minute or so was really tough, but I got there, turned the corner and - oh, blessed relief - started to go downhill again!

Since things were going so well, when Laura told me that was the end, I told her it wasn't - I was going to get to the end of this road, and run back along the high street. So I did. Thirty three mins running, 2.7 miles (4.3km). That'll do for me 😊😊😊

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14 Replies

  • Good stuff, well done. Cedric sounds like an annoying so and so.

  • Great post, well done, especially with that hill and Cedric twittering on🙄

    Try having two bags in the car, one for your phone the other to gag Cedric 😉

  • I love it!

  • For 5p it'd be worth it😉

  • Not only did you foil Cedric and have a terrific run, you can also claim the moral high ground...

    ...I was supposed to have a soggy joggy too but *blushes* I had a slouchy couchy instead! 😓

  • Well done for not letting the weather (And Cedric) stop you!! :)

  • Great run and great post too. Glad you showed Cedric what's what.

  • And very nice thank you :) Well done route. rain, pesky little gremlin..and, and, and .... a HILL!

    Yeay! Go you!!! :)

  • PS.

    Threaten to set mfamilias on Cedric...she is brilliant at dealing with those nasty gremlins.., ask Gary, her gremlin!!!!

  • Yeah, go you! Message from Gary: Cédric is going to have his Gremlin license revoked if he doesn't brush up his act; the Gremlin handbook requires swift action when the host runner resists.

  • lol! It's funny how I find it so much easier to ignore my gremlin now he has a name! I know in mythology, names were often seen as a source of power, and now I understand some of the truth of that! ;)

    I quite want Cedric to stick around though - having that voice that tells me I can't do something can be quite helpful, as I determine to prove it wrong... :D

  • Yup, I have a similar relationship with Gary, who also pops up in other circumstances than running. I have a friend who told me that you have to put a name on your fear to be able to fight it. I suppose that's what gremlins are all about, really: fear of not being up to scratch, which results in self-sabotage though self-imposed failure, so that we don't run the risk of trying and failing.

  • Well done!! Squishing that Cedric sounds satisfying!! Love a tag on a post as random as that one too!

  • I was baffled by it - then realised it's probably the full name of something referred to as AHA! But yes, very random! :D

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