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Post-Grad Run De-nied but Youtube Workout rediscovered


This morning I got up, all enthusiastic for my first post-grad run, having given myself some extra rest days. I kitted up, charged my phone up and headed to the park...only to find that there was a junior park run organised for the morning and my usual route would be packed with mini-joggers. "Oh well," I thought, "I can still run around the area the park's in" and so eagerly plugged in my earphones and started Week 9 be met with total silence on Sarah's side of things. "Hmm. is the volume down on my headphones?" No. "Hmm, maybe the volume's down on my phone?" I checked and heard a beep not through my earphones but the phone's speaker "That shouldn't happen" I told myself and promptly unplugged and re-plugged my earphone jack reasoning that it might be just dust in the jack socket. Nothing but the sound of more silence.

A quick inspection of my earphones told me that it had fallen victim to our resident nibbly cat (currently fast asleep behind me and looking as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, denying any and all knowledge of who would do such a thing)

"Oh damn," I said, "I suppose I should go home. I don't have my spare set with me." and so I headed back, to be greeted by Mam who said "Let's do some NHS Choices workout videos instead then" and so we did (after an abortive attempt with one video we quickly found the *OFFICIAL* NHS flex and strength video which was a bit more sympathetic to our flabby needs. We followed this up with my rediscovering my love of a yotube channel called 'Burn to the Beat' none of the workouts are longer than 15 minutes, are all set to music and the instructor is not shaped like a twiglet but is nicely enthusiastic, reminding us to breathe and assuring us there are only a few reps in each set)

Thanks Youtube for saving my active day xxx

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Ooh, I shall look at that YouTube channel. I need something like that for my rest days. Well done for saving your day!

MrsPsychoGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Let me know how you get on 😊


Well done having a "Plan B". Think I will have a look at that "Burn to beat". Might have saved me having a drenching today as rain came down on start of run.

I've been having trouble disciplining myself to do core exercises. So desperate I was asking if anyone knew any Sergeant Major types who could come to my house and bully me into doing them !!


Ha, ha excellent post 'not shaped like a twiglet' made me giggle out loud! That youtube channel sounds great, might give it a go. I too have real trouble getting motivated to do core exercises! Hidden


Well done for keeping active, despite the best efforts of your cat-shaped gremlin! ;)

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