Just getting started, hip pain

Hi Everyone! :-D

Having hit a milestone birthday a few weeks ago I decided to do something about my health and fitness (mid life crisis?!?) Joined the gym, started on the tread mill mainly walking with the odd jog thrown in and have now started c25k. Just completed week one and guess what, I really enjoy it! BUT I'm getting a niggling pain in the top of my thigh/hip. It is sore when running, gets worse as I go on and for a few hours after then eases off until the next time. If it was a muscle strain would it not be worse later or the next day or two? I'm thinking it's more something I'm doing wrong whilst actually running? Wonky action, foot imbalance throwing my hip out? Has anyone got any ideas? Would gait analysis be worth it as I've read very mixed reviews on the subject.

Bit of an essay but would really appreciate your thoughts, I don't want to have to stop now!!


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  • You might like to go to a running store and have your gait analysed. The analysis will probably be free but they will sell you shoes for your particular needs - that really made a difference for me. My first time through the programme I ended up with a sore knee, but the knee feels much better with my new shoes this time through.

  • If it is bearable, I would tend to persevere for the moment. All sorts of muscles can grumble when they are asked to do things that they have not had to for a long time.

    If the pain continues then, yes it is worth having things checked out. What I would say though is that gait analysis at a running shop is unlikely to get to the root of the issue. What they do is little more than checking out the degree of pronation which is probably not going to help. A sports physio is much more thorough.

  • That was my next question! Do I work through it or rest it?!? It hurts whilst running, really hurts after then is just in the background the next day then I'll jog again a day or two after and back to square one. Will look around for a sports physio ;-)

  • A few extra days rest cannot do any harm.

    If you feel up to it during your rest days, a few squats could help to strengthen the affected area.

    My general approach to these things is 'better safe than sorry' but at the same time it is quite unusual for anyone, particularly those of us who are no longer spring chickens, to take up running without there being an initial niggle or two.

  • Checking the degree of pronation will at least help with choosing an appropriate pair of shoes, which can make a considerable difference. Mine was free with no obligation, which I think is pretty normal. I would be very wary of pushing on because pain is bearable when you don't know what the cause is because that also means you don't know what further damage you might do.

  • Hi, its always best to get checked out. Could be a sore muscle. Could be ITB issue. Go have a chat with your doctor or a physio. It may be you need a few exercises to strengthen one side a bit more. Its all new to you. Your body will go through a lot of changes. Gait analasys worked for me. It doesn't suit everyone. let us know how you get on

  • It could be running on a treadmill. When you run outdoors you have varied surfaces rather than the same, repetitive thump thump of the machine. If you are new to exercise in general, and running in particular, you do get early niggles as your body protests at the new levels of exertion. Hopefully it's nothing to worry about, and will fade away as you get stronger. Don't ignore it though, and do get it checked out if it persists. Have a few days off needs be.

    Good luck!

  • As others say, you can expect a few niggles when first starting out but if it is painful and persistent It is worth getting checked out by either a GP or sports physio, as running could exacerbate an existing imbalance. Many of us are asymmetrical and exercise can emphasise this fact.

    A gait analysis and corrective shoes might well solve the problem, or there may be a deeper lying issue that needs addressing. Don't ignore it if it persists.

    Do you stretch after your run? I have used these after every run nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... and they may help.

  • We all get niggles, especially as newbies, see if it fades away with rest and gently stretch the area, have a gait analysis to make sure you have the correct shoes for your running gait.. other than that, if it goes on then get checked out..


  • Could be the age of your shoes. I find as mine lose their oomph I start to feel aches in my hips.

  • Shoes are New but not ' expensive'. I have just ordered Some insoles to try as I'm pretty sure it's the way my foot falls putting everything else out. If it helps I shall look at gait analysis I think. Really don't want to stop now!

  • I'm fairly new to this too, and also "mature" :-) I'm at the start of week 4 and have developed a painful left knee. Never had knee problems in the past. I'm hoping to work through it. But what I wanted to add to this conversation was that I also have not-very-expensive running shoes, but I've invested in orthotic insoles, which give great arch support and make a huge difference. Defintiely worth doing. Good luck with the programme.

  • I'd second getting a gait analysis done. I am also on week one but after day one on saturday the balls of my feet hurt and my hips were sore, so today i got a gait analysis done and found that i was over pronating badly on my left side. I got some new shoes and they weren't expensive at £45 and day two tonight was tonnes better. No foot or hip pain so I'd recommend getting your gait sorted.

  • Thanks for all the replies :-D

    Well I rested the hip until the pain went, and also managed to find a lovely local lady who runs a running club who watched my movement and gave me some exercises to strengthen the Tensor Fascia Lattae (?!? hope that's the correct spelling!)

    Started back gently, although not following C25K again yet, and so far so good. Also bought some insoles and all feels great! just muscular niggles which I can deal with.

    On wards and upwards!

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