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Having a problem with lower back/hip

Just started week 3 and it has been going well generally. Not finding the three min runs too tough and I feel a lot fitter... BUT the last few days I have developed quite a bad pain in my left hip. It is a constant ache that grows worse if I for example bend over to pick something up. Votarol has helped but I'm not sure whether I should keep running (which I really want to do!) or if I have to stop for a while. Do I need to see a doctor? Has anyone else expeienced this? Any insights would be great.

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Back pains are (unfortunately) very common for runners - particularly new runners. If you think about it, all the impact that your feet feel are going to be channelled up through your legs to your lower back. If your posture is not perfect when running, it can often lead to back aches.

Try being very aware of how you run - don't lean forward, and don't lean backwards, but keep your back straight.

If this is turning into pain (as opposed to discomfort due to sore muscles that are now being exercised), then you should see a GP.


thanks, Tomas! I will adjust my posture and keep running for now... Someone else has told me to do stretches after running too so I'll do that also


Hi Durham_Lark sorry to hear about your hip and back trouble. You'll find you're far from the only one who suffers like that. Someone, I think it was Danzargo, posted a link to some good hip stretches a while ago. I've been looking for them myself without success, so will message him to ask him to repost. There is a pinned post on the right detailing other post- run stretches that you should be doing after every run.

Have you had gait analysis done to ensure you're running in the correct shoes. It really can make a huge difference and is, in my opinion, well worth exploring.

In the meantime, possibly a good idea to rest those hip joints a bit more ( maybe 2-3 rest days between runs instead of just one) and if that and the stretches don't do the trick, then see a physio of your GP. Good luck


I think it's just the new runners aches and pains. Your body, if not accustomed to exercise, will protest at the new level of exertion. It's usually nothing to worry about and will go as you get stronger. Make sure you run in good running shoes, do the warm up walks and cool downs and post run stretches. Yoga is also very good to as that involves a good deal of stretching. The stretches are dealt with on here by good old Laura. There is a link on the right of your screen >>>>>>>>>>>>>> There is also the Strength and Flex podcasts

If your hip gets worse then you need to see your doc but chances are it won't. Have a day or two off running to see if that helps


I too had a lot of hip pain in the first few weeks of the programme. A good stretch for me (that I do prior to a run) is to kneel then put one leg straight out to the side with the side of your foot on the ground. You then point your foot forwards for ten seconds, then put your foot at 45 degrees to the floor for ten and then pointing upwards for ten. So basically you are twisting your foot (and hence your leg). Repeat on the other side. Also think about whether the surface you're running on is flat as this too could be aggravating your hip. It does get better but if this doesn't help and you're still sore, perhaps a visit to the dr? Good luck x


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