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Keeping an eye on the weather has never been so important these last 9 weeks! And so far we’ve been relatively lucky. We’ve ran in fog, freezing fog, gales and snow, and also brilliant sunshine with not a breath of wind. This morning it was the latter, so we set off early as the forecast wasn’t great. I forgot to take a toke on my inhaler, and guess what, never coughed once – go figure :o !

Anyhoo, 30 minutes running all on the main road. Pound, pound, pound! Didn’t really notice the ‘Toxic Ten’, and have started taking an extra big breath in on the 3rd step which really seems to help. Thought I was starting to get a stitch! ‘Don’t you dare’! I actually said it out loud and started breathing my tummy out to compensate. The stitch didn’t materialise thank goodness.

It still isn’t easy! Well, I say that, considering I have seasonal asthma, amazingly my breathing is fine, it’s just my legs, they get so tired, and seem to get heavier and heavier. When I’ve shed another stone, that should make a real difference I think. Makes me wonder how different it would have been to take on the C25K a couple of stones lighter – chicken and egg I suppose :) ! Am I fitter because I have been carrying 6 (well 5 now :D ) stones too much? Hmmmmnnn I ponder….!

Poor Winny was a little uncomfortable because they’ve been braying the hedges back on the roadside :( and he was running on bits of twigs and thorns, but he kept going too! I think I’ll go back to the old route out in the wilds for Friday, don’t want him to be in IC when we graduate! Wonder if I can get Winston’s name on my certificate too? That would be so cool!

Good luck to all my ‘virtual’ running buddies for the last couple of runs before graduation. Hell's teeth!!!!!!! We’re NEARLY THERE :D …xx

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ANewMe2017 keep going we're all behind you, can't you see the podium? xx


Great post! Keep on running 😊


Oh how I hear you about the tired legs - mine felt like lead today. The footpaths here are still littered with the aftermath of Doris Day so picking them up to avoid tripping over the wind-pruned tree branches wasn't fun.

Maybe you need to get Winny his own trainers to protect his paws?

Graduation this week? - doesn't seem real somehow!


Fantastic well done, almost party time. You have to bring Winny too. Good luck for Friday, now time to get the champers on ice.... xx


Almost there now!


Great stuff, well done.

Your 'chicken and egg' question has an easy, logical answer but I am sure you will be able to explain it to everyone better than I can when you experience the relative ease of being able to run longer, faster and more comfortably as that excess weight gradually reduces.


You and Winny are doing brilliantly and yes you should definitely download him his very own certificate ! :-) xxx


So close now, slow and steady does it. All the way to the Graduation podium! :)


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