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Life got in the way of a planned run


Hi all, I am feeling a bit worried that I might lose momentum- I had planned the runs for the first four weeks. So far I am up to week 2 r1, which I did Sunday afternoon. I planned to go last night but I just ran out of evening because of needing to move furniture for the decorators to start on another room! They were running behind schedule it should have been moving furniture night on Monday.... anyway now I have missed my planned w2 r2 :-( . I can go on Thursday instead, but I feel quite disappointed I couldn't run when I for ensuring I stay motivated when life gets in the way awould be greatly appreciated!

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So you'll have 4 rest days then. That's fine! Life is always going to get in the way at times. The important thing is to not give up and keep going!

I started the program in December and am in week 8 now. The goal is to graduate at all not to graduate in 9 weeks ;)


Exactly what @minimaxi said. Just go for your next run as planned; life does get busy, things get in the way. He important thing is to take the next chance, and keep going! :)


Don't stress and just run your runs when you can, I was out of action for a few days and had 4 days off running, took it slow and steady when I finally got to run again and all was fine.

Life does get in the way sometimes, you just have to shrug it off and start again. You'll be fine :)

Sometimes life gets in our way, just think of it as having a few more rest days; today was supposed to be my first post grad run but other things came up & I had to postpone it, may run tonight or more likely on Friday morning before work. Don't beat yourself up, it is just a day or so extra rest for which you will be better rested & better able to complete your next run. Just keep at it xxx


Life gets in the way, it is better in the long run (🏃 hehe!) to be able to adapt and fit it in when you can.

As others have said, 9 weeks is only a guideline and certainly 5k is only advisory too!

A little bit of guilt helps, just enough to make you reschedule to a suitable slot, not so much that you just throw it all up in the air and give up.

Lighter and longer days are expanding the hours of possibility, fingers crossed you can get back to it soon :)

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