Stuck in week 4 :(

Week three was a piece of cake for me. Week 4..not so much. Week 4 day 1 was harsh, but I managed, somehow, to get through it. I nearly threw up but I pushed myself and kept thinking "day 2 will be easier than this, and day 3 even easier". Wrong. Day 2 was even harder for me. We were leaving that day to go on a 3 day camping trip, meaning I had to make day 3 not on the treadmil, which is very hard for me to do. But Day 2...I paused the ap while I took a minute more to walk. Then the last 5 minute run, I stopped halfway and had to walk. It was so hard for me. I still cant believe I even did it the first day. But I made myself run 2 minutes at the end during the cool down to somewhat make up for the extra time I spent walking when I should have been running.

Then Saturday night (I was to do day 3 the next morning) we decided to have a few drinks and play a few drinking games around the campfire. I woke up the next day in the afternoon, it was already nearly 100 degrees outside (not even joking) and everyone was already swimming.

I figured if I'm already having such a hard time with week 4, I should not move onto week 5, and talked myself into not going that day and starting week 4 all over again when I come back home. Well.. Today should be the day I start week 4 over again. Most likely after I finish typing this blog I'm heading to the gym.

Just curious, have any of you had to stay on a week because you were having such a hard time with it?? I should be half way done with week 5 right now had I kept going but... here I am, W4R1.


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10 Replies

  • I think I'd just carry on with the program. You probably needed to start your run more slowly to save your energy so you could complete the run - slowing down isn't a backwards step, it's about learning to pace yourself so you can run for longer. If you're having a few proper summer days, as we are here in Shropshire, don't underestimate how much more difficult the heat will make it - you will need to be slower when it's hot.

    Having said that, this program is about doing what's best for you so if you're happier doing week 4 again, that's fine. Lots of people repeat weeks, you just need to do what is best for you.

    Good luck :-)

  • Don't worry about it and put pressure on yourself, go do another week 4 run and see how you feel after that, decide one run at a time for now.

    Also slow down a bit and get through it to build up again.

    Good luck, someone on here said to me when I was worried, life is a marathon not a sprint, there is no rush to get to week 9....we will get there so take it one run at a time! :-)

  • dont beat yourself up. I too am stuck on week 4. W4R1 :failed. Second attempt :passed W4R2 : failed could only do about 4 mins of the last run. I was so gutted. I am committed to week 4 until i get three consecutive runs. Repeat any part of the programme if you re not ready to move on but more importlantly dont let it beat you.

  • Personally I found week 4 a big jump from week 3 and repeated 3 times before going onto week 5! Don't worry, you'll get there in the end if you keep at it.

  • I am still on wk 4, been here for 3 weeks , now its summer hols and my Son was going to run with me but he has broken his elbow so we are grounded, I will still be plodding on week 4 come Sept but I am not going to give up, it will ust take me a little longer to complete.

  • If you're struggling, slow right down.

    Another thing is, I've read that to make running on a treadmill more similar to the effort expended when running outside, you should put it on a slight incline of 1 or 2 percent. This should make the difference when you go outside less. The reason on a treadmill is easier is that you don't have to propel yourself forward, as the treadmill moves beneath you.

  • I am in a similar place, had an awful W3R3 cos I changed my route and it was all inclines. Then both runs of W4 so far have been a real battle. I worried about W3 and to my surprise found it OK (except for R3) and I suppose I was hoping the same thing would happen with W4. I feel I've lost my momentum and am disheartened. All I can say is we're all trying this together and have the same kind of difficulties at times - I do find this online blog so supportive! I jog SO slowly I practically walk, and Laura doesn't seem to advise running faster than a light jog so I'm not worrying about the slowness at present, just the timings (that's more than enough to worry about!). All the best for you getting back on track - I think it's good advice to feel confident about a week's runs before you move on and therefore to maybe stick with w4 a bit longer. Keep blogging and keep running!

  • Thank you all for the support!! I re-did week 4. Not completely, just did day 2 over again and then did day 3 today. Day 3 was awesome! I nailed it no problem this time. Onto week 5 in 2 days!

    We'll have good days and we'll have bad days, but never, ever give up!!

  • Great to hear that, Mirrorsaw! Well done. I think I might do the same as you. I think you know yourself when you've got something nailed, and can confidently move on.

    Good luck with W5...

  • I am so glad I have just read this. I have today finished week 3 and found out what week 4 has in store! I have no idea how much of it I will be able to do at first, but it is so heartening to read your amazing success. Now I am thinking; 'Bring it on'!!!

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