W5R1 cant quite believe it 😆

Well I should have gone for my run yesterday but it was a busy hectic day. Felt so bad for not going and was worried I'd get myself into that "oh I'll just go tomorrow" frame of mind and end up quitting. But this morning I took my little bit to the childminders as everyone was busy and went and did my run. Can't quite believe I managed all 3 5 minutes runs. Very proud of myself indeed. Next run on Saturday. My usual run days aye mon, wed, Fri. But thought I'd I do Saturday then I'll get back until mon, we'd, Fri quite easily as it fits in better surg with etc 👍

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  • Congrats on staying the course. Its a hard one when you skip a day, then another, etc but by being determined and listening to your mind giving out and telling you off you feel better. I run the same days as you and having that 2 day break on a Sat/Sun helps with muscle fatigue and recovery. Hopefully next week you will not feel too bad on the Friday run without that extra break.

  • You're doing really well. It's amazing how we can fit in a run if we really want to. Keep at it and take it slow and steady.

  • Well done for not getting into the 'I'll do it tomorrow cycle', so easy to do so you deserve to feel proud. It's a good idea to try and get back to your original schedule so good luck for Saturday.

  • Niknok!!! well done thats my next run so thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Thank you all for replying, the support on here really does keep me motivated.

    I've also asked my husband to come with me on Monday when it's the 20 minute walk. Just feel it would be good for me to have him by my side supporting me x

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