Lost all motivation please help

Hi, so I have completed week 6 run 1 when I completed week 5 run 3 two weeks ago I came down with a stomach bug and was ill for a week so I did not run. The week after I managed one run which was week 6 run 1.and was OK considering I had the week off. Anyway now I just can not motivate myself and a week has passed since last run. Think I may need some stern words from you all. 😩


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11 Replies

  • Hi. Try a shorter run and see how you feel...hopefully the adrenalin and endorphins will kick in and you'll want to go further and will be all the motivation you need...or, failing that, tell yourself if you go for a run, you will do something you like as a treat afterwards.

  • Bummer Sazzlex :( ! You've done amazingly well so far and should feel very proud of your achievements! Will you feel like you've let yourself down if you don't get out there and continue? Have a read of your previous posts...xx

  • I think posting this shows that you actually do want to get out and run again. All you need is the final push. So here you go: Come on, get moving! You've come so far! Don't let it go to waste!

  • "Im done with feeling so sluggish and not liking what I see so today I began the programme"

    As did I when I truly commited to this programme :) And being home in January I got a LOT of comments on how much fitter/better/slimmer...and especially more peaceful/happy I looked. :)

    These are people who only see me every eight or so months for a short few weeks so the changes are much more obvious to them than to those who are around us every day.

    I can guarantee you - you too HAVE changed for the better also :)

    we all have those 'blah' times when going out the door is the last thing we want to do - but hang on to the times too that you DO go out and five minutes later as SO DARN GLAD you did, and it does NOT depend on how 'easy' or 'hard' the run is...it's about doing this for ourselves :)

    There is also a slight feeling of panic when you get as close to graduating s you are. 'What on earth will I do next??!!" is a frequent and almost paralysing thought - but its just another Gremlin. :)

    I started the programme June first last year - had to take a break for just on teh entire month of January - and feel amazingly much better AND have dropped two inches off my waist size AND the rest is distributing itself very nicely as I progress :)

    'Progress - not Perfection' :) Keep it loose, keep it fun - but do keep it going :)

  • Wow! Yeah I remember that first post and actually that sluggish feeling is just how I'm feeling now. This post has brought a smile to my face and given me some hope. I've not let any weight with this programme but was feeling fitter and sleeping much better which has reminded me that I'm waking a lot more again now I'm not running.

    Thanks Irish-John, such an inspiration. 👍👍

  • Round here we might run on our own - but we never run alone ;)

  • I know once I'm out I will be ok it's just the motivation if getting out. Everyday I think tomorrow.

    I do want to get back out just don't seem to have the get up and go anymore but these messages really do help I'm gonna try and get in the mindset that I'm going tomorrow, continue to read these posts to help give me that final push

  • I have a crazy idea. Why to wait till tomorrow. Put your shoes on and go for a quick 10-15min walk-run on your own pace, no podcast today. It will help you with postponing your running. Don't think about it as a run, but rather warm-up and just to catch some fresh air before night ;)

  • I just started today and it honestly took me weeks to start. I have something to look forward. I signed for a 5k run in May, so I don't have a choice. Maybe try to set up a date, some goal that you need to do it. I am always like that. Last minutes preparation for everything:)

  • Do you remember how hard it was to run for one and half minutes back in week 2? Compare that to the 20 minutes you ran at the end of week 5. That's progress and that progress will continue until you get to the stage where you can go for a 30 minute run and know that you can do it and can do it easily.

    It is up to you though. Reverting to the couch will see you losing fitness again and based on your previous posts, it's clear you would prefer if that wasn't the case.

    Get your running stuff ready for tomorrow and get out the door - you know you want to.

  • Thanks everyone I've got a plan. I'm up and out in the morning no thinking about it, no time to change my mind. Sitter for the 8 year old sorted got to try and get my motivation and energy back.

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