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Please help with stats!

Please help with stats!

Hi everyone, I've just completed week 6 run 2 and I am starting to taste graduation :-) I was just wondering if these stats had me likely to finish the 5k in 30 mins? Any insight would be helpful. I would really love to actually be able to finish the 5k in close to 30 mins. These stats were just the 20 min run plus 3min in the middle. Thanks in advance :-)

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To complete 5 km in 30 minutes, you've got 6 minutes per km. You spent 7:33 per km in that run.

It is possible that you will get faster over the next 3 weeks, but to be honest, you'd be better off focusing on extending the runs as per the programme, and then worrying about the speed afterwards. If you push too hard on both speed and distance at the same time, you increase the risk of injury. So if I were you, I'd take it easy and find my motivation in the increasing distances in the programme :)

Happy running!

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very few actually run the 5K in 30mins on graduation , it is more about running for 3 times 30 mins in week9 , distance and speed come later , if you can do it that really is a great achievement :D for now I wouldnt worry to much about the distance just on completing your runs :D


Thanks for the help guys! Yeah I haven't been big on the actual time, just curious if I could actually do it but I will just focus on finishing the program first as that in itself is nothing short of a miracle for me lol I was absolutely one of those people that was literally counting down the seconds in the 1 minute runs!


Hey, I thought I was the only one that did that :D

I think I stopped counting the seconds when the runs got to 8 minutes long :)

But yes I echo what everyone else says, dont worry about the speed and distance, just do what Laura says until you finish the program then gradually increase your distance, and the speed will increase on its own.


And for some (me) speed never comes :)


I agree with what others have already said. Slow_Rob is spot on, forget the 5k distance completely for now and just complete the 'run for the 30 mins' part.

Speed will increase with stamina and fitness, so just take things one step at a time.

The C25k+ podcasts will help with that after you graduate if you are keen to take it to the next step.

However far your 30 minute runs get you will be a lot further than you could have run before the programme, so is still a massive achievement and should not be understated!

Keep at it! :)


Definitely not the only one that counted the seconds and weirdly enough it was around 8 mins I stopped counting them too! I think I've accepted I actually can run for longer now :-) thanks all


First off, I agree with the other posters who advise caution. Your primary goal should be to graduate by running for 30 minutes non-stop. If you carry on running regularly after that then speed and distance will come. However, there's no harm in upping the tempo if you're motivated to do so. Only you know how you're coping but if you feel the urge, go for it. Heed the rest days though, that's the best way to avoid injury.

Speaking from experience, 5K in 30 minutes is quite achievable by the end of the course. I won't lie, it was tough but it's not impossible. To put things in perspective, in the first 3 weeks of the C25K plan I counted the seconds to pretty much each running interval and came close to throwing up on more occasions than I care to remember. Swollen knees, limping, muscle cramps, I had the lot. One year later I can run 5K in 30 minutes and call it a jog.

Onwards and upwards!


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