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Week 5

Run 1 - done!

This week is my nemesis. I really wasn't looking forward to it, but here I am, run 1 done and smashed (well, complete).

I'm starting to feel parts of my body that don't bounce as much as they did (the parts that aren't meant to bounce!) and in general feel a sense of wellbeing though that might be Spring in the air too. Whatever it is, I'll take it.

As usual, my calves started hurting and a little bit earlier than expected but I powered through and am really pleased I did. That was yesterday and I'm feeling great today.

Run 2 tomorrow, with 2 8 minutes runs. That's ok, it's 2, not 3 runs - getting ready for the big day on Friday!

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Ah yes, week 5. The big one! I was extremely worried about R3 especially but once I did it - wow! What a feeling! Keep going, you're doing great! :)

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I like running with no walk breaks, feels really good to just run, go for it - graduation in sight now!

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Very, very well done.. slow and steady and you will do this ! :)

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