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W8,R1...completed but my word it was a tough one.


I was really up for this run today, but for some reason, just 30 seconds into the run I felt hot and like it was a struggle...but this is me, the most stubborn, determined person ever, so I kept going and going...and I actually made it...the whole 28 minutes!

Hopefully next time it will be a little easier again.

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Well done! Despite that you felt tired you pushed on and completed the run. Can you just feel that podium beckoning? Only 5 more runs til you're there. :)

All part of the learning curve. C25K is not just physical, you're learning a little of what it means when they say a top athlete is on form or not. Some days you don't feel good but the run goes well, sometimes it's the other way round, sometimes you don't feel good and the run goes badly but you grind through it anyway and feel good because you overcame. It's all good :)

Well done for pushing through it, I know well how that feels. Some days our bodies, for one reason or another, don't perform as we would want them to; on days where my legs are made from lead, I just take it slow and focus on just putting one foot in front of another. I hope your next run is as you hope :) x


Well done for persevering :)


Thanks everyone. I can't believe how far I've come. I even treated myself to a couple of New running outfits, so must have well and true my caught the running bug!

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