W7R2 was a tough one

Yesterday's W7r2 was probably the toughest run so far. By Saturday evening I was still a bit stiff from w7r1, and I considered using an extra day to recover. But Sunday was such a gorgeous day, it seemed a pity not to go out first thing. But on top of still being a bit stiff, I made 2 elementary errors - I went out wearing too many clothes for what was quite a warm morning - and forgot my water bottle. These made it even harder than it needed have been. By the end of the run, I was a little pinker than usual.

I got it done, but my time was even slower than usual. Lessons for next time.


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8 Replies

  • well done, bottom line is getting it done :D great effort ,onwards to 7/3 and beyond :D

  • Don't worry about the time - you completed it. I found wk 7 hard. R3 is probably the 'easiest'. And its easy to have been caught out by the much milder weather - I took a layer off. By the time you run again, you'll be looking wk8 in the face and then one more week to graduation. Unbelievable.

  • Great job Codfish. Yes spring is around the corner. It's great taking off the layers isn't it?

  • I found week 7 hard too, but week 8 is going much better. The two runs I've done so far this week have probably been my favourite of the whole programme so far. Don't worry about your last run , just move on and there'll be a better one just around the corner.

  • The just over 2 weeks to graduating thing is very motivating. Thanks for everyone's support.

  • Well you're beating me Coddfish. I tried w7r1 on Friday but was seriously not in the right mental place. Although I was pleased for getting out there and achieving something of a run I was not able to keep going continuously for 25 minutes. I decided to take a couple of days out of the programme as I was struggling with some mental black dogs but I came back fighting on Monday and achieved the goal and I plan to be back out there doing it again tomorrow come rain or shine.

    Hope you keep going strong!

  • Yvette - I think W7 in general is hard. There is the psychological thing of not stopping on any of the runs, the extra wear and tear on the body, the feeling that there's still a way to go. I think you do have to listen to your body (and your mind) and I hope the break has refreshed you. The run with stops will still have done you good. Good luck.

  • Have just completed W7R1 today and also feel the programme has taken a bit of a leap - started to tell myself I was to run for an hour to try and make 25 mins less daunting! Seemed to help. Determined to finish the programme though even if it means a few extra rest days as you both say Cod and Yvette ))). And GLudwig - thank you for your comments on week 8 - encouraging!

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