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W7R1 This is getting tough!

Hello! I didn't have the time this weekend to update you on my W6R3, well in the end I was a very good girl and woke up early on Saturday to run in Bristol. I have to say I really enjoyed being by myself wandering around the neighbourhood in my trainers, although not knowing what was coming next was difficult. When I had around 5 minutes to reach the end of the run I got into a not very steep but quite long uphill road, I thought I couldn't make it!

Today I run W7R1, another 25 minutes but this time back home. My legs don't bother me as much as a couple of weeks ago, I guess I'm getting stronger! I'm happy thinking the next two runs I'll be doing are something I have already done twice, since I started the programme there is a challenge every week, is comforting having a week to secure your progress!

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Well done on the Bristol run yaskas. You are on the home straight now and can hopefully work out a suitable route for these longer runs, not to hilly.

Keep going😊xx

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Yes, well done- Bristol is so hilly... I'm going to be there in a couple of weeks and planning to do my run around the downs

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