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W7R1 tough slog

Found this really quite difficult this morning. I completed the run on the treadmill at 9.0kph my normal treadmill running speed but found it physically and mentally draining. I hid the treadmill clock and it took forever to reach the halfway warning. I then puffed away until I thought I must be getting close, looked at the clock, still over 8 minutes to go. At that point my heart sank, there was no way I could do it. Then I started thinking, six weeks behind me, that's 18 sessions. With 9 to go I am over two thirds of the way if I complete today. It will get easier the fitter I get. So head down, crack on I plugged away until the end. Blimey how much I needed to stop, the relief was ecstasy. The feeling of achievement immense. Sort of worried in case I can't recover in time to complete Thursday but I am going to do it. I have not come this far to give in. I may fail but I won't quit. Does that make sense?

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Don't worry about it, sometimes you just have bad runs and it can knock your confidence a bit. There's no reason you won't be recovered for Thursday so don't think about it!

I can run over an hour normally and I went out earlier and stopped after 18 mins. It doesn't matter, i'm just tired and needed more rest.

You will succeed!!!


Calculations were never my strong point but it looks like you are pretty fast! It is mentally and physically tough I agree and you seem very strong. It makes sense that you wont quit - you have come so far - but dont say you might fail, you might just not complete a particular run til next time! Iam sending you positive vibes and an encouraging grin - :D


Thanks both "Keep On Keeping On" that's my mantra. I think I just need to get some better music on to take my mind off the time....


Well done I agree with you I had many battles with myself as I was doing week 7 about if I could finish but my stubborn self won out each time.

You will be fine for you next run on thr treadmill as you know if you turn the speed down a bit but outside it would be automaticso just slow down a little as you tire it may help.


I hated the week 7 music! I switched back to R3W6 and it seemed to go much better plus you get Laura telling you you are a runner at the end!


I found week 6 the hardest but week 7 also was a tough one as I think I tried to go too fast and completely exhausted myself. I keep reminding myself that I need to conquer the distance first before speeding up. I took week 8 run 1 a little easier and feel like I have got my confidence back a bit. And I agree week 7 is a bit rubbish! I have mostly enjoyed it up until wk 7!


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