The going is getting tough

Ugh! I'm struggling. On Tuesday I got up at crack of dawn to tackle week 8 run 1. I managed about fifteen minutes before I turned round and walked back home. My legs felt like lead! I had absolutely no oomph. I put it down to the early start and going out on an empty tummy. Yesterday was a rest day, and then today I decided to have another go at it, but this time I went out for my jog after work. And the same thing happened. Fifteen minutes and pow, I hit the wall. Or the ceiling. Or the plateau. or whatever it is you hit when you just can't carry on. Again, I turned round and walked back home. I'm feeling really demoralised :-( And my 5k Women's Running is looming, on the 4th June. I need to get my stamina up. Help! Any advice gratefully received.


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  • You can only build running stamina by running. Fuel and hydration are crucial along with a good night's sleep beforehand. If any of these are amiss then you will notice it in your performance.

    If you are running out of energy then simply slow down.

  • You can run for 25 minutes as you completed week 7. You need to tell yourself that you are a runner. Just set a nice pace, slow and steady and put one foot in front of the other and believe in yourself.

  • Make sure you're warming up, some take a tad longer to warm up, I know I do, and also make sure you're not going off too fast on the runs, when you start to feel the fatigue back off slow right down to almost like running on the spot, and as for the gremlins that pop up, they are little liars! your not feeling any pain are you? so you must push on through them, the next time you go out remember what we say, you'll get through, you can do this!😊

  • Thanks peeps. I think all the above advice applies. I was a bit tired, I probably didn't warm up for long enough and I am trying to go a little quicker. Back to tortoise-pace I guess. And an early night!

  • Slow...slow ..slow........dig in and take your time.....then you'll do that run that suddenly changes everything and you'll get your mojo took me 12 weeks instead of 9 and then another 2 weeks to do a timed week 6 I was demoralised but I kept going and can get there but maybe have 3 days off to get yourself to the point where your body is telling you it needs to run....😆😆

  • Yup. Speed is your enemy at this stage in the proceedings. Slow down and go the distance. Speed comes later.

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