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How do I re-start?


I took up C25K last summer and went from not being able to run if my life depended on it, to running for 30 minutes three times a week.

I got my first sports injury *in my life* In December (my knee became inflamed and painful) and was told by GP not to run for three weeks. This rolled into Christmas and essentially I ground to a halt and never got started again...

Four months on I would like to start running again but all the fitness I gained has been lost and I'm backed to feeling out of breath when I walk fast ☹️ Does anyone have any suggestions of how I can start again? Do I go right back to the beginning of the programme or could I try a 20 minute run? 

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. 

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I would go right back to the beginning and if W1 is Ok then go straight on to W2 and carry on like that until you're challenged. Then I'd continue with the programme. No shame in starting again, there are loads of people here who have fine the same. Good luck - enjoy!


I've also been on IC with knee problems.. also a bit apprehensive about getting back out.. but it's only been two weeks for me.. I'm going to get my gear on ..on Monday..rain or shine and just go run.. take it very slow and see how I go :) first steps back again.. we done it once before.. of course we can do it again!! Come on give it a go .. good luck x


How to restart? Push the button! 

Sorry! Couldn't resist. Why not restart c25k from w1. It'll get you into it gradually again getting the body used to it..😊


Totally agree with JaySee - I did this recently after a break, and was running 30 min again within a few weeks.  Laura's voice worked its magic and I felt confident again in no time! Go for it!


Thank you everyone for your support. After a bit of procrastination I went for my first ru in four months yesterday and survived so I went again today! 

I did 25 minutes both days, managing to run for more than half the time. It's obviously a huge step back compared to what I was running last year, but hopefully it won't take as long to get back to running 30 minutes non stop. 

Thanks again. 


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