Late introduction

Hello everyone,

I just realised I never really introduced myself which seems a bit rude as I've been using this forum as a soruce for inspiration for weeks now :D

My name is Maxi, I started c25k in December and am about to do W6R3. We don't have purksuns here (I'm from Germany) but I did sign up for a 7.5k race in June. Really hope I can get in shape in time :)

Have a lovely weekend!


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14 Replies

  • Hi Minimaxi...I too have just (half hour ago!) just run felt better than last weeks R5 that's for sure and I mentally prepared myself for next week (I don't normally look ahead or else I wind myself up ahead of time but I knew what was coming!). I could if I push d have done another minute. Keep up the good work. This forum helps certainly and I reckon there is lots of people that dabble and just check in rather than join but I had a physiological problem and everyone was so helpful. Keep it will be great to complete the programme 😊

  • Hi ClaireyP25,

    well done on completing the run! I'm still sipping tea and mentally preparing myself :D

    I quite liked W5R3 but every run seems to be different. Some go well, others don't.

  • Hi Minimaxi, I found the variation reduced as I went along, as my body became more used to running. W6R3 means you've broken the back of the programme, it should be plain sailing from here to the end :)

  • Hi Non-runner :D maybe you're right! Especially now that there are no more walking intervals.

  • Plain sailing...loving the positive motivational didn't quite feel like that this morning 😜

  • :D

    For me it was pretty much plain sailing once I got through the first 10 mins. We'll see how we manage 25 mins next week!

  • Yep..catch up with you next week - will be thinking of you 😊

  • Welcome Maxi! If you've already got to the end of Week 6 you must be doing great! Well done you! Looking forward to hearing from you in the next few weeks. :)

  • Thanks Melly! I love being part of this community already :)

  • Hello Minimaxi and welcome.

    Although you're still mid-program, by the time June comes around, you should be more than capable of covering 7.5K.

    Just continue to enjoy running each week, gradually increasing distance and improving running fitness en-route.

  • Thanks MrNiceGuy, I think so too :) And even if I'm still embarassingly slow... the 7.5k is a night run so no one will see me :D

  • Don't worry about speed in the initial interim, since it'll develop as running fitness improves.

  • Hi, where are you in Germany? I'm based there too (Munich). Pity there's no Parkrun here, but there are other advantages.

  • I'm all the way up in Hamburg :)

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