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After working my way up to week 7 day 2 (as of yesterday) I decided to join up to the community. I started running for the first time in my life at age 64 back in September and now I have entered a 5k in January and have come over all serious with new properly fitted shoes, running gear and a Garmin 610 which is great except I should really stop running, put my glasses on to check my pace, then put my glasses away and start running again, which I don't think is really the idea!

I have had several low level and one major health issue over the past few years and had ruled out any exercise as something that had simply passed me by but having on a whim and family pressure started doing a set of Yoga exercises every morning, I looked back today and noted that I have been exercising for 21 weeks everyday without a break. About 3 months into the Yoga seemingly out of nowhere I knew that I had to start running. I was in part inspired by my son taking it up and by meeting an inspirational 21 year old Paralympic athlete .

Before I even started and to commit myself to running I bought some running shoes on line which was a mixture of naivety and vanity, they looked very nice but were one size too small and were 'barefoot' so when I eventually started running I found that one shoe was just OK and the other too small and 'barefoot' shoes and hard surfaces just hurt!

I found the Couch25K perfect, it was clearly well worked out not only in terms of the gradual improvements it brings about but also the psychology behind what 'Laura' was saying. Although part of me knew that thousands had listened to the same words as I was listening to, there were times when it seemed as if Laura was talking just to me as what was said was just what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. This really came home to me when I did my first 25 min run, after the normal "that's five minutes gone" I was waiting for a "ten minutes gone" which seemed logical but then I heard " that's twelve and a half minutes and half way", it gave me a real sense of achievement as I had gone further than I thought I had. Running for me is now as much about psychology as it about physical effort. Looking forward to 5k still seems scary from where I am now, running 3.5km in 25 mins (thanks Garmin 610) as it was when I was at week 2 and looked ahead and saw that I was expected to survive running 8 mins!

Fitness seems to have crept up on me without me really noticing and suddenly at the end of my first 25 mins 'Laura' was suggesting upping the pace for the last minute so I did and indeed I could. Yesterday I pushed it a bit more just to make sure that the last session was not a fluke and at the "5 mins to go" I upped the pace and when I finished, put my glasses on, taken them off again to wipe the 'steam' off them and checked my Garmin I had run for 400metres longer in the same time as I had only two days before.

Finishing week 7 tomorrow and on to the start of week 8 on Tuesday.

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hello brian and welcome :D this is great community everyone is very nice and very suppportive, we have all started at Week1 to begin the amazing journey to week 9 Run3 and beyond , It is amazing to see what we can achieve not just physically :D I am a 57 yr old ex smoker ( 30-40 day ) of nearly 10 months ,now graduated and running 3 x times a week ,I can even run upstairs with needing oxygen after 2 steps :D

Good luck with your remaining runs enjoy every second of then :D


Hi Brian and welcome. This is a GREAT party and you won't regret taking that first step. Most of us are a bit addicted but we love anyone who runs and understands the fix!

I loved reading your post as it sounds as if you're already well on the way to addiction but I can't believe you've kept so quiet until week 7!

Really well done on getting this far. You're over the worst and you'll sail through to the end.

Keep posting and let us know how you're getting on.


Good heavens ! What amazing progress you have made, it sounds as if you are really enjoying yourself and you won't have any problems at all with a 5k in January. Keep up the good work that man....


Another amazing story Brian and you are an inspiration to everyone out there who thinks they will never run. Felt shivers down my next reading your post. Well done and can't wait to see a shiny badge next to your name soon


Welcome to the community Brian! You sound like you're storming through the programme, great that you 're able to sprint a bit at the end, that shows that you've got what it takes to finish. Well done! X


Great post! It's posts like this that make me want to jump up and down, punching the air. We hooked another one!!!!!!

"seemingly, out of nowhere, I just knew I had to run"

I had such an epiphany! I just felt a new-found spring in my step after losing a lot of weight and had to give it a go just to see if I could. It's a light bulb moment isn't it.

Capitalise on it while you still have the feeling. I hope it lasts! It did for me

You're in good hands on here. Folks will look after you

I have the steamed up glasses scenario and have largely given up on checking the Garmin til I get home

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Great post and replies!



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