First jog in over 14 years

I'm feeling elated, have been winding down and reading the forums so thought i'd start my own blogging journey.

So week 1 run 1: there were certainly moments where I thought I wouldn't be able to make it to the end and might have to "cheat". (This was absolutely not helped by inadvertently starting off with week 3 run 1 and all of a sudden being asked to run 3 minutes straight!! I soon figured out the app though and got myself to a more suitable starting point - & will be switching to the podcast after reading the recommendations).

It was almost 15 years ago on my 18th birthday that I last started anything resembling a proper exercise program, it did me great but after I moved to the big city, my resolve disappeared and my 20s were spent doing all the things you should do when you're young and a free spirit. The good times have left me, however, with bad habits and a body that shows them. I can't wait to embrace a more healthy me and a more fulfilling future.

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11 Replies

  • Well done on getting started. In many ways W1R1 is the hardest of them all.

  • Thanks! I think that's why I felt so elated as I realised that the worst part was over - facing my fear of turning into a red, sweaty mess - totally happened but so what eh?! I realised life's too short to be self-conscious {^_^}

  • Fantastic - well done for taking the plunge and getting started! :) You will find the folk on this forum are very supportive and helpful. Best of luck with the programme and keep posting!

  • Thanks for the encouragement. It's why I knew I had to post as just by reading others' entries I felt like it was possible to get healthy and fit again. Will certainly keep posting and reading all your positive experiences too {^_^}

  • Hooray!! Well done for completing the first run 😊 I am the expert on this, as I'm about to do W1R3 tomorrow... loving it already though, and so will you!

    One thing I didn't do after my first run was stretch - and I felt it for the next two days... but then I did the nhs recommended stretches after my second run and have felt brilliant since, so that's the one and only piece of wisdom I can offer...

    Happy running! 😀

  • Just back from run no. 2! thanks for the advice on stretching - I was feeling very tight in the calf muscles this morning but think that was to do with the 4 mile hilly walk from yesterday.

    Really enjoyed today. How'd your run go yesterday? Do you feel ready to level up??!

  • Hey! 😊 Glad you're still enjoying it - I'm so shocked at how much I am, I used to hate running lots at school, haha!

    The run went well thanks - definitely looking forward to tomorrow's week 2 (some new tracks will be nice too!) - got some brand new shiny trainers to try out so hopefully that will get me up at 6am!! Eek!

    Let me know how it all goes for you 😊

  • Will do! Bravo on the 6am starts - back to school tomorrow for me too. There's no way i'm getting up earlier than I do already :D Enjoy, maybe a glorious sunrise tale will inspire me....

  • Haha, we both did the half term resolution thing then... good luck next week 😊

  • Welcome! The programme is magic, you'll be a runner before you know it! No cheating allowed, follow the programme to the letter and listen to Laura in the podcasts. :) Make sure you take at least one rest day between each run. Keep up with the forum and let us know how you get on!

  • I know i'm only two runs down (so weird to wake up yesterday with the thought of "oooo what time should I go running today?" then realising it's a rest day! Instead took a long walk into the next town over and saw a beautiful sunset to boot) but i'm already feeling the joy that this can bring.

    So looking forward to finding a healthier more motivated version of myself, and thanks for the nudge of no cheating allowed - had that through my head as I set off this morning :D

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