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Hi Everyone. I have been reading the C25K posts on here for a few days and found them so inspiring and moving that I felt I wanted to share my experience. Early in 2014 I first tried C25K and failed miserably to even run for 1 minute. Obviously being overweight with Type 2 diabetes didn't help so I decided I would concentrate on walking and try to lose some weight that way before running again. So all that summer and into the winter I walked and walked. I have now lost over a stone and have better blood sugar control and decided this Spring to try running again. This time I just incorporated a bit of running into my walks until eventually one day I managed to run 1km. This inspired me to sign up for my local Cancer Research Race for Life which I did in July 2015. Unfortunately the weather was dreadful, wet and windy, and so I didn't run as much as I was hoping to. I took me 50 minutes to complete. But what it also did was convince me to try C25K again. This time I got through the first few weeks with no problems at all and was so pleased especially when I reached week 5 run 3 and ran for 20 minutes non stop, something I never thought I'd be able to do. Week 6, however, proved a bit tricky. The first run was OK but by the end of run 2 I had a pain in my hip and I hurt to put any weight on my leg. Advice from fellow C25Kers on Twitter suggested hip exercises and rest, and so after a week of rest I tried again. I thought it unwise to attempt run 3 which is 25 minutes non stop and so I have repeated week 6 run 1 with no ill effects. My intention is to repeat week 6 run 2 as well and then hopefully move onwards to complete the programme so I can do next year's Race for Life in a much quicker time. A year ago I thought maybe running wasn't for me but with the help of C25K I am finding that while it may not be completely enjoyable I can do it!! And so can you.

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  • I admire your 'stickability' !

    With determination like that you will get there.

  • Welcome to the forum and what a lovely inspiring story. Week 6 has a habit of helping people become a little unstuck, well done for being sensible and listening to exactly what your body needed to get past the hurdle. Happy running.

  • Fantastic that u have been so determined, makes me know I have to keep going too! I have graduated but had a niggly knee pain and had to rest for a few days. Decided to go back to 30 minute runs three times a week. First one today and so pleased I managed it. I even thought about keeping going to 5K but used my brain! Keep us posted, I found week 6 tough but if you did 20 mins, u can do 25 mins, even if you slow a little to make it πŸ˜€

  • Welcome Marina, it's lovely to have you here! Well done for keeping at it, graduation will be so sweet for you, you have come so far and I have no doubt you will graduate! :-)

    Also I love that there are c25kers on twitter as well. We get around a bit don't we?! ;-)

  • I think many of us on here have had an injury or two so count yourself in the crowd 😁 Resting when appropriate and pushing through when you can is a fine balance but it sounds like you are listening to your body and it's working so well done and welcome X word of warning you may never return to your old way of life you may become obsessed with c25k πŸ˜ƒ Xx happy journey marinagirl x

  • That's fantastic that you have made it work for you! Well done xxx

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