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I'm Still Standing (W8R2 - finally)

Lurgy fading into a distant memory and the conjunctivitis following suit (or at least a lot less livid than it looked on Monday) I got up, donned my kit and went to the park. Something I would never have said 8 weeks ago but, I missed my runs! I hated being ill as it meant I was forced to sit static when I wasn't working.

I thoroughly enjoyed my run, leaving the stresses and grotty feelings behind in the fresh air, though Cecelia did try her tricks of persuasion again "you're still not quite well, we could leave it. We really could. until you're totally better. Hey are your legs aching? we could stop" and so on (I'd forgotten to stuff her into the glove compartment when I got out of the car)

But the markers in the programme came and, despite unwittingly speeding up and having to make the effort to slow myself down I did quite well

"I've got conjunctivitis" Cecelia attempted from my shoulder when there were 4 minutes left on the clock, "You need to stop and take me home. See, my eye's all red and sticky"

"And cherry-scented?" I pointed out and she sheepishly hid the lipbalm tube behind her back "A for effort Cecelia, but carry on and I'll punt you into the river"

Run over (and, as ever, Right Said Fred instructing everyone to stand up for the champion) I went and did the shopping then went home feeling better than i have for days

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Good to hear you're off and running again, not far to go now!


Good to hear that you are getting over your lurgy!

Nearly there now! :)


Go girl.. you got that Cecilia right in the eye!

So glad you are feeling better too :)


Yay go for it... back on track 🤗


Good girl!


Ha ..just thought of the runaway bride....😊 Not you TSB you are leaping and bounding, pirouetting and prancing towards the graduation podium...😄

Well done, hope your eye is better


thanks. I already look more like myself. Monday and Tuesday my eye was really swollen and sore, now it feels a lot better (and looks more normal)

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Great that you feel good for getting out there. You and Cecelia could have a comedy show between you! :D


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