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I'm Still Standing

So today I had to face the beginning of W4 and was somewhat concerned about the increase in the amount of running, the recovery times have been slashed and the running stretched out. I did think about wimping out and doing a repeat of a W3 run but got to the gym and decided to give W4R1 a go.

I survived...

Did the warm up walk and was trying to calculate the speed that I should set the treadmill to for the runs. For the first 3 minute run I set up at my normal 7 kph as I already knew I could do that as did the three minute runs last week. Set up at 6.8 kph for the first 5 minuter, then stuck with that speed for the second 3 minute run. Did end up dropping the pace again to 6.7kph for the final run but managed to cover 3.6 km at an average speed of 6.2kph (including warm up, warm down and interval walks) so quite happy with that. The reasoning behind the program is to get make it to the end of the allotted time rather than focusing on speed.

I'll be interested to see how the next run goes, will go for a swim tomorrow and then back for W4R2 on Thursday... usually find the R2 toughest of the three for some reason!

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Well done. Week 4 does seem like a real step up. Good luck for run 2.


Well done I'm starting week 4 today and a bit nervous


Hi Netballgirl,

Best of luck with the run sure you'll do great! Going to echo the advice of the graduates who keep us going and say take it nice and "easy", it's better that you get to the end slowly than overdo the speed.

How you'll let us know how you got on!



I did it went out this morning at 6.30 and ran it!! It wasn't as hard as I was expecting. Morning runs are far easier I usually run after work but do not have so much energy then!!


Well done, I too started week 4, did my first run Sunday but took a different route bad move, re did it yesterday on my old route had to push myself but also completed it I shared all the apprehensions you did so its nice to know we're not alone, keep it up :-)


I often found run 2 the hardest, too - maybe the excitement of moving on gets you through the first one, by the second you know it's a bit tough, and by the third you know you've done it twice, so you can do it again...? :)

Maybe for R2, try the first two running intervals at the slower pace that you ended on last time, then if you feel you still have enough in your legs increase the speed slightly for the last two? That way you hopefully avoid tiring yourself too much early on...

Good luck though - enjoy it! :)


Thanks RainbowC,

Thanks for the tips, I was thinking about starting slower and seeing if I can finish at the quicker pace so will try it that way as it'll be mentally easier that way and will keep the running gremlins quiet


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