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W8R2 - finally 'get' it! :-)

Hi all. I did my W8 R2 this morning but almost woosed out. Running buddy was late and I was happily contemplating a leisurely breakfast when she arrived. So off we went. First 5 mins were tough. Really tough. Honestly thought I would end up walking a few times. But I persevered and at 15 mins actually realised that I was not only doing ok, but that I was quite enjoying it too. And I finished having run the full days' programme, with no pit stops. Wow. Amazing. What a buzz!! I actually said to my buddy that I 'got' what it is all about.

Let's hope Friday is equally as motivating :-)

Happy days :-) :-) :-) :-)

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I love your post because that's just what happens to me...occasionally :)

What I have found is that I have more runs like that when I'm not pushing myself too hard. Which kind of makes sense. In any case glad you had such a good run and fingers crossed for next time!


Isn't it great when that happens ! It doesn't every time but gives you hope that you might actually enjoy running one day !!!


Glad you had a good run.

Not many left now....

Happy running!


Sounds a good run - for me those surprises are the best



I just run 3 km today, time was 21 min. I am runing only 2 times a week and here is a week 3. Before start I wormed up with 10 min walk, and then done a 21 min, where I was walk litllbit.

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