W8R2 done...with wind and gremlins!

So last night I did W8R2, it was quite breezy but I had the wind behind me as a I set off which was great...what I hadn't thought through though was that when I turned around at the halfway point I'd be running into the wind - not so great! I'm sure that for every step I put forward I took two back...ok that is a complete exaggeration but it certainly did make it harder :)

The gremlins hit as I had about 4 mins to go and were shouting in my ear to stop and walk - off all the runs I've done, it was the closest I've been to stopping but very proud to have pushed through and kept going.

Boy was I beetroot red when I got home though, there was some serious clashing going on with my florescent yellow running top!


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9 Replies

  • Haha, clashing colours is just the thing now! Well done for overcoming all of that and still getting it done.

  • I'm thinking of getting some green running bottoms so I can complete the traffic light look :)

  • At least people will see you coming 😊

  • ha ha - a different perspective to stopping traffic - all they'll notice is my very red face! :)

  • @louisella i know running into the wind is hard, ive just graduated and im in Cairngorms and regularly have to put up with it, you just have to drive through it and keep going. What you should then find is next time its calm you can run even better. Keep going your nearly there.

  • It's the first time I've run into the wind, although it kept me cool, it was tougher. Thankfully it seems to be a rare event in Devon so hopefully won't come across it too often - like you say though, it'd make the calmer runs seems much better

    Congratulations on your graduation - can't wait to get there! :)

  • Well done Louisella! I get where you're coming from. I had a really hard run today , i also did the W8R2 . The gremlins showed up early and wouldn't stop...pfff. I was trying to go a little faster in preparation to Week 9, i'm proud of myself that i kept going. We're almost there!!

  • Well done to you too (and great username!). Some days it does just feel harder than others and I try not to worry about it too much now - I used to think it was about my mindset before I set off but it doesn't seem to be the case. I can set off one day and really not be in the mood yet have a great run and another day be really up for it and struggle. So I've stopped overanalysing it now and just set off :)

  • Thanks! I often think about this username when i'm running and the gremlins show up :) I try not to overanalyse it either and just keep going and not give up.

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