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Starting all over again!

Having FINALLY got completely over my lurgy, tomorrow is the day my friend and I start again. We've decided to re-start with Week 1 as it's been nearly three weeks since we completed W1R3.

It's really strange but I feel much more anxious about re-starting than I did starting first time round. I'm sure it'll be fine and I'll enjoy it as before, but I feel completely unfit and out of shape again and am fretting about finding it more of a struggle than last time.

Will report back after my 4.30pm session!

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Well done on starting again, life gets in the way, I know.

Slow and steady and remember that lovely feeling you get at the end. 😉😉😉💪💪💪

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You'll be fine. No harm in starting over again. I completed about 3 years ago and I still jump back into the middle of the programme to get going again ... sometimes you just need to hear Laura!


W1R1 done again ☑️ Was a bit of a struggle towards the end with heavy legs but enjoyed being back out there. Bring on Friday - friend and I have both decided we need to do all three week 1 runs again to get our stamina back up.


I'm in the same boat. Just redid w2r3 for the third time, thanks to an epic lurgy that wiped me out for over a week. I must say I feel absolutely shattered tonight, but I'm glad I'm back and even looking forward to starting week 3 now. Good luck :-)

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