Do you wanna have a snow run? 🎶

Well, I didn't manage to run last night, due to family stuff at home, so really wanted to make sure I got out today. Got back from Little Rainbow's gym class and said I was going to go straight away. As I got changed, I could feel the reluctance setting in and the gremlins mustering. But I togged up, and set off.

It was snowing very lightly - you know the really tiny flakes - and not settling, but a nice atmosphere. And just mild enough to be comfortable too.

I'd decided to take a different route to normal, using lanes with good enough visibility to feel reasonably safe, while avoiding too any hills. Living at the top of a hill does make this something of a challenge! So off I went, through the village and down the other side. 150bpm felt slow, especially while running downhill! Turn left at the bottom and along the lane, keeping steady.

Ten minutes in, up to 155bpm. That's better! But I'm getting further along this lane than I expected, and I'm going to get to the big hill at the end before it's time to turn around. Oops! I can do this though! Up to the first passing place, tiring, but gosh it feels good to know I can run this far and still get up a steep-ish bit! Turn round here though, not sure if that's half way or not as Laura and Runkeeper have different ideas about how long 5 minutes is!

Head back down, legs feel a bit better, but then it's a long lane back. App says 20 minutes run. Phew. Three minutes later Laura says that's over 20 mins done. What??? Mind and legs go on strike and I walk a bit. No, I can run this. Come on! So off I go, running again for a few moments until Laura says 2 1/2 mins of this track to go, then the last 5 mins. Despair. Walk.

Then I remember I'm a runner (or something!). I'm not going to let this beat me, and I'm definitely not walking all the way home from here! I can run - and if running with the beat makes it too hard, I can just go my own pace. So off I go again. Final minute or so at 155, then up to 160bpm.

At last the turning to the village approaches - and I chicken out, not being sure how quickly it gets steep. Another minute past the turning, staying on the level, another minute back, only just over a minute of running to go then once I turn up, and I'm going to be able to do that!

So I did. A longer walk home than I might have liked, and my legs were definitely very tired plodding up the steep bit. But a good run all in all :) And room for improvement next time too ;)


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7 Replies

  • Well done RainbowC.. a great run.

    that slow start in stepping stones does help me get through the first 10 minutes better I've noticed. Its just the hills that sap energy isn't it..😕xx

  • I'm sure the slow start probably helps. But it does feel heavy going at the time! My mind just wasn't really with me today unfortunately... but now I have a benchmark for next time, so that's helpful ;)

  • It brings out my prancing pony...short light steps.😊

  • I feel your pain about living at the top of a hill - though luckily my hill is part of a ridge so I don't have to run all the way down then come back up!

    I found finding the beat in Stepping Stones much harder than in Stamina or Speed.

  • And now my lovely two Teen Rainbows have persuaded me to join in an exercise DVD with them which my colleague had lent me. It has to be said, Miranda Hart's Maracattack is mad, great fun, and hard work! Just ordered our own copy... 😀

  • Thats a great video, fun to do we ordered the maracas too :)

  • I'm not sure I want to admit how many pairs of maracas we turn out to have already! 😂

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