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Week 5 run 3........such a let down!

I was really psyched up for my big run this morning - great weather, early start - zoomed through the warm up walk doing the " trust in the plan, trust in Laura, you can do it" mantra. Sprung like a gazelle into the running bit only to have my new mp3 player give up on me 90 seconds in!!!! Disaster!

Couldn't decide whether to:

A. Go home and do it again tomorrow?

B. Stop running and wrestle with the mp3 to see whether I could get it back going?

C. Carry on running under my own steam without the support of the music and most importantly, Laura?

D. Sit on the ground and weep with frustration?

Decided on option C (with option D a close second!) and ploughed on for about 45 minutes (or so it seemed!) definitely did more than 12 mins ( much less gazelle and more hippo by the end!) but with no Laura and no watch I could only guess as to how long it was. Soooooo frustrating!

I'm going to have to do it again on Saturday now, which will put me back a bit, but that's life I suppose. Sorry to rant on, but feel better now I've got it off my chest.

It'll serve me right for buying a cheap mp3 player I suppose! :(

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I am hoping to do this run tomorrow at some point and think I too with be more hippo than gazelle like.

Funny now life keeps getting in the way, but well done for keeping on running regardless


You did a run - that's what counts! Well done for not just caving in and not doing anything at all. And good luck for next time - hope technology behaves for you. :)


Good for you for keeping on going. How annoying that the MP3 player let you down especially on the dreaded Wk 5 R3. I think I'd have probably sat in a heap on the pavement and cried. Good luck for Saturday. Claire. X


Oh heck, poor you ... hope you can get something fixed soon! But as the others have said, at least you DID run, so no bad feelings necessary. MP3 players can be expensive, so wear a watch and have a look to see what you are due to run before heading out... then you'll be covered for whatever happens in the future. I'm sure you can fill your head with an 'all my fellow C25Kers are willing me onwards too .....' mantra, because you know we are! :D All the best for next time out. Linda ;)


Bear in mind the Galloway approach of run-walk-run - if the MP3 fails, you can still do something like that. Spot a distant object, run to it. Spot another distant object - walk to it. And carry on until your circuit is finished. It's as good as just running for umpteen minutes. Google it and you'll discover a whole new approach to beginner running - perfect for when the C25K is behind you.




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