Couch to 5K

Out there again at last

First run since Dec 27 this morning - I caught THE cold and it turned into a chest infection, but I'm back now and feeling sooo pleased with myself. As always after a break I started with Wk 6 R 1, and left the Garmin running through the walking bits. My average was 9.16 pkm. My last run on Dec 27 was a 30 min solid and averaged 9.23. Something weird happening here..... Not complaining though. Going to California on holiday on 27th FEb and I want to be back at Week 9 by then.

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Well I bet that did feel good :) Oooh and California, how fab, you'll be running in the sunshine.


I will indeed. Have to be early morning. Last year, my husband and I took to running from the campsite (in San Diego) to Pacific Beach - a nice steady 30 minutes, to have late breakfast at a cafe overlooking the Pacific, and following it up with rather good Margeritas.... mmmmmm


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