Couch to 5K


Only just managed to finish w3r3 so was dreading today. However this morning I got out on the treadmill early. I had read what was needed and then Laura repeated it (fortunately). So did 90 s and 3 minute run and was ok so headed to the 5 minute run she tells you at 2.30 but encourages you again at 4 which really helped. At this point ipod stopped working noooo. Fortunately I remembered it was another 3 and a 90 unfortunately couldn't remember the rest times. Anyway I carried on and completed the run and cool down. I know I thought about stopping along with my ipod but feel great that I carried on without Laura and did that scary 5 mins.

I took everyones advice on board and reallyslowed down it really helped thankyou.

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Well done... :)

I think a few of us have had tech.' issues and had to remember what we were supposed to do next.. :)

Slow and steady is the way to go :)

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Well done! Tech glitches are the worst and if you managed to carry on regardless you've done very well! You know you can get through the rest of the week now and then it's on to Week 5! :)

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Well done. It's weird when it all goes quiet isn't it. Well done for keeping going though x


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