Do you nod to other runners?

When I ran on Christmas day, I decided to smile and nod at all the other runners I saw, not so many as I expected - only 6 of which 5 nodded back. Since then I've nodded at most runners I see, almost none of them even catch my I breaking some sort of unwritten protocol? I remember someone here saying how chuffed they were when they got a nod from a speedy runner who passed them..


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30 Replies

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  • I always try to acknowledge other runners while I am out - and the vast majority do acknowledge back now, though there were not so many doing so at first. Persevere! It does make the world seem a friendlier place when we share waves/smiles.

  • I would, but the only other runners I see in the park are usually running down the path that goes alongside the river that flows through the park and into the nature reserve, so no eyes to catch there. I do smile and say hello to all the dog walkers though, and always exchange a cheery wave with the guy who cleans the loos, lol!

  • I love to have a bit of contact with other runners- but I try to judge it as some don't seem to want any, I range from a nod, to good morning, happy christmas, happy new year and looking good!

    When I first started running and I was out with my son we had a ( much older fella) behind us who overtook us (on the walking interval) and said you two are setting a great pace there- I really was thrilled. I know I thrive on encouragement even if it is from strangers so like to spread it around a bit!

  • your get some that will nod or put there hand up i get this all time the along the river it really drives me mad i always put my hand up ,some are just in the zone some have there head up there a## dont let them bother you all the best

  • I normally will riase a hand or nod or say hi as we pass ,I used to ride a motorbike was the same a nod or raised hand as you passed ,it was part fo being a rider , should be the same for runners :D

  • I am such a smiler, and nodder and hello! person. Most people will answer with a smile or a wave. But there are those who won't catch your eye and I leave them alone. Everyone's different I suppose.

    Even when I'm not running I say hi and smile to people. my daughter says how do you know so many people, mam/? Um...I don't know them, it's just the way I am :D

  • I meet very few runners on my tracks but for those few I do meet I always say hello or good morning or whatever. They've always responded. It's a different case with walkers. I always say hello to them and smile and although the vast majority say hello back, there are always a few who totally ignore me! It really pi**es me off as it's just so rude but I stick my tongue out after I've passed them to make me feel better!

  • I sympathise! There's usually a comradeship amongst runners, but not cyclists, it seems. I usually nod, or even smile and wave to other runners, but only about 80% seem to respond in a positive way. Sad, isn't it?

  • Nod? Nod? I always give the full wave accompanied by the knowing why-do-we-put-ourselves-through-this? raise of the eyebrows.

  • I usually wave and say hi. Ladies nearly always respond, men sometimes don't. I put it down to poor posture...head down...running too fast etc. I am more of a Fotherington-Thomas...hello birds...hello sky...hello other runners...

  • Ah wonderful... my brother in law was reading aloud to me yesterday from his battered omnibus of Molesworth offerings which we both adore. All I have to say of people who do not respond to an acknowledgement of their shared existence with you is...chiz.

  • I always beam and say hello. And to date everyone I've seen has always reciprocated. I went round a corner and bumped straight into another lady running last week, and we both shrieked with laughter. The runners round here seem to be nice folk (actually I've lived in this village 14 years, and I find the rest of the villagers a bit stand-off-ish, but the runners are lovely!).

  • I always generally try to say good morning or at least smile, and I actually found that where I run makes a difference in terms of how people respond. I have been running at home for the christmas break and around here there are alot of very serious runners and I find it so humbling that the faster they whizz past me the nicer and more understanding they are. But generally I love how it feels like one big community and everyone is incredibly nice.

  • Yep, I'm a nodded and a hello-er too but I'm a bit like that most of the time (much to my kids embarrassment when they were younger) :)

  • There's not many runners about at my usual time of 6am, but if I'm lucky enough to have a later run (day off :) ) then yes I will nod, small raise my hand in a small wave, say hello etc unless they're clearly avoiding me - mainly positive but some are completely non-reciprocal.

  • I always smile (or grimace), or nod, or say hello to anyone I meet, whether running or not. I always have done. I usually get some sort of response, mostly favourable.

    I think it makes me feel better to smile at somebody and I know I feel better if they smile back. The only time I wouldn't actually speak is if I'm so shattered I've only got the energy to put one foot in front of the other, but even then I somehow manage to get enough energy for 'head up and smile on face' so as not to look a total wimp in front of a complete stranger.


  • Most times I'll smile, nod, gasp out a good morning or give the full arm wave. However sometimes I just get in a mental 'zone' and the world around me seems to disappear. When I get in these contemplative runs I'm just not looking around at others.

  • Smile, nod or wave sometimes all of above. I have to be careful though I forget when I am not running and smile at runners then they think I know them and look confused.

  • Lady runners usually do! well mostly i find . The speedy looking guys usually look right past me :( Said hi to same one twice last week on seafront and not even a flicker! :X Older running guys usually do, i have most luck getting a response from the dog walkers and pedestrians! :)

  • Pah! Men! Actually, I only ever see older gentlemen running round here, and they are very smiley! I think at the times of day I run most hot young men are out earning a living, so I only get the retired ones. Thank goodness!

  • Very rarely see other runners out in the early mornings when I am running, but the few I do normally at least smile and one guy has been known to comment on the weather! I normally bump into him at the end of my run though so only have enough puff for a yes or no answer! One thing I always make sure I do though is say thank you to any dog walkers who move themselves and/or their dogs so I don't trip over the lead in the hope they do it again next time! There are now some dog walkers I see so frequently that we say morning to each other.

  • I always say hello to fellow runners, and On Christmas Day I only saw two, and one didn't even reply to my, 'happy Christmas'.... Complete wan**** in my book, the only protocol is politeness, and always would be even if I was Paula Radcliffe ( if only!!!) xxxx

  • I nod, wave/raise my water bottle and say hello/good morning at fellow runners, in a nice cheery manner. Thumbs-up sometimes too; I try and greet most people though; it tends to be early mornings when I run so there doesn't tend to be a great deal of people about so I usually get a response if I greet a non-runner, which is nice.

  • I nod to other runners, smile at cyclists, and say hi to dog walkers but usually don't say anything to anyone else, unless it's an elderly person. Mind you I try to go to places where there are few people as currently I am just too embarrassed by my lack of fitness

  • I can normally tell if a fellow runner is going to exchange hello's with me. I always try and make eye contact and if they return that, I always smile and say hello.

    Older gentlemen and fellow lady runners seem to be friendly. Young men, a few, not so friendly. I don't mind though, some look like they are clearly in " The Zone " and do not want any interruptions or outside contact at all. I don't mind, each to their own.

    Runners hey ? Theres nowt as queer as folk :-) xxx

  • Yes I do. Or wave or say hello. Hardly ever see any but the minimum you get is a nod. Even the cyclists seem friendly :) Oh, and the man with the Rottweiler. Gave me a bit of a boost by saying 'wow you must be really fit' the second time I saw him and seemed to find it hilariously funny when i replied with 'no, just mad'! Dog walkers are friendly too :)

  • Round here with interesting roads drivers are always waving at one another - thank you, and you're welcome. So much de rigueur that anyone who doesn't really seems rude. I wish it was as good on foot!

  • I always smile or say hi. Mostly get a nice day was Christmas Day....everyone was so lovely. Everyone dog walkers,runners etc all saying Merry Christmas. Was nice. I do live in a very very friendly area. That's why I love it.

    Don't ask me about cyclists though

  • Thanks for the replies all, it seems us C25K-ers are the most polite runners! I don't mind much if someone doesn't say hello, but I learnt to run in France where it's the height of rudeness to not say bonjour to every single person you encounter, so I guess I'm still in that mode! Not that I met many other runners, not very health conscious the French...they think I'm bonkers...

  • The greeting etiquette fascinates me. If I can get their (runners, dog walkers, walkers) attention, a smile, a slight raising of the hand and even an exchange of hellos will occur. I don't get those who blank me. I was out on Christmas Day morning and saw few people, but those I did all swapped Happy Christmasses with me. I was in Swanage for New Year with friends (lucky me - I love Swanage) and had the delight of running along the seafront. Everyone I met said hello. I ran "naked" (no headphones) on both occasions - I wonder if that makes a difference?

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