W5R2 oh yeah baby!!!

Wow can't believe I've completed R2 already, where have the last 5 weeks gone?? Back then I struggled to run 60 seconds without thinking I was dying & now I've completed W5R2 :)

I am absolutely high as a kite floating on air. Loved every minute, did it with my breathing under control, legs weren't hurting half as much as before & I almost burst into tears when I walked in the house & told my fiancé. He's so proud of me as am I. 

I'm hoping this is it, the bug, that feeling that people say kicks in. This week has been so good run wise. 

Here's to R3 on Sunday 

Good luck all x


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23 Replies

  • Congrats - you rock!

    The next run is the "big 20", but don't worry - you will rock that too! I just completed week 5 this afternoon after a 15 day break due to sickness and it was actually really really enjoyable and much easier than I thought it was going to be.

    My one piece of (unsolicited) advice is to pace yourself and go _real_ steady. Well done, and continue rocking!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't think it's possible to go slower than I do tbh & feel a bit of a fraud calling myself a runner but hey that's what I am hahaha. Obviously I'm a tad apprehensive about Sunday's 20 mins but I'm going to take it a minute at a time :)

    A huge well done to you especially after 15 days off, that's fantastic!! Hope you're completely recovered & good luck for W6 :)

  • Just did 20 minute run yesterday and it was fantastic! spent the whole week thinking I wouldn't mange it and somehow it just happened!

    As Laura says you are physically ready- just mentally need to get your head round you can actually jog for 20! 

  • So well done Vicky, it's amazing what the body can do when we push it, glad you enjoy it. Bring on R3.

  • Thank you my lovely running pal :)

    When are you doing R3? X

  • Well done, your post is very well timed as I start week 5 on Saturday and this makes it less daunting. Good luck with the 20 minutes but I'm sure you will be fine 🙂

  • Congratulations Vicky 😀😀 week 5 is a real turning point in the plan I think. I know I loved it. You will smash the 20 minuter.

  • Thats the buzz. It's amazing ..just wait to feel ever better..after your big 20 mins.. you will want to pop!!! :)

  • Amazing isn't it!! Just wait till the buzz you get from your biggy 20minute run..you will want to high five anyone you pass on the walk home.. lol. Enjoy! 

  • That sounds fabulous!! well done you :-)

  • Lol sorry but thought my first reply didn't post.. lol not that you will mind.. US runners do tend to non stop run talk :)

  • Well done on run 2 and bring on run 3, you will smash it!

  • Well done! This has been my favourite run so far....good luck with the next run :) 

  • Brilliant...well on the way now...

    Keep it going....onwards and upwards :)

  • The 20 min run was my favourite so far too out the plan! 

  • I hate you :D  

    Seriously, well done sounds like you had an amazing run. I'm doing run 3 tomorrow (shame I can't do today as the weather is glorious and it'll be raining tomorrow).  You're floating on air comment has caused me to have The Snowman theme buzzing around in my head now - grrr!

  • Haha I much prefer running in the cold. Seems the 3 runs I've done in the morning on a Sunday I've struggled & hated so I'm sticking to my evening runs when it's cold. 

    You'll smash it Hun. Good luck & keep us posted x

  • Well done Vicky, that's fab! I will be starting week 5 next week so this is good inspiration!

  • Thank you. Believe me if I can do it, seriously, anyone can!! Good luck x

  • Awesome! I just completed w5 r2 too!!! Really enjoyed it my calves felt it when I got in tho!! I didn't realise it's 20 min next run haha I try not to skip ahead and just let Laura tell me what to do once I'm already out haha good way to start Easter Sunday though!! Bring it on xxx 

  • Fabulous well done!! Here's hoping Sunday is good for us both :) x

  • Enjoy run 3! Here's to the rest of the programme and a huge congrats on all the achievements so far 😄

  • Thank you so much x

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