W6 Day 3 Nailed!!

W6 Day 3 Nailed!!

I knew today's run would be challenging....I would be helping 1st born break through her psychological barrier of running non stop for 25 minutes. We set off for the brisk 5 minute walk and then it was time for the run. "Pace yourself, don't go too fast" I told her and off she went....and how! She was running like the devil himself was on her tail..."Whoa", I said & pulled her back, "you're running way too fast, slow down". There was much muttering about "I could walk faster" and "it's not much faster than the brisk walk" - "Who cares? You're running - it's not a race, slow and steady is the way to go at this stage" I said. . I had to pull her back several times more and really push her on for the last 5 minutes when she wanted to walk the last part......"Come on, you can't stop now, there's only 5 minutes left" I said. I ignored the grumbling and muttering and ran beside her & before we knew it, there we were..... at the end of the running...whooo hoooo We nailed it!! I was so proud of 1st born that she beat those demons and did it. I am going to repeat W6D3 a few times before I move onto week 7 but having run for 25 minutes I now know I CAN get to run those extra 5 mins and run nonstop for 30 minutes. That graduation badge is within reach...yayy! (photo is us at the end of the run)


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8 Replies

  • Congratulations! It's a tough one, but it feels amazing to finish it! I had a huge sense of accomplishment.

    With regards to repeating W6R3, all 3 week 7 runs are the same as W6R3, I found as long as I had adequate rest between the runs then they get easier. That's just been my experience, but whatever you do, you nailed that one!

  • Oh just checked Wk7 Day 1 & it is a repeat of Wk 6 D3 so I will move on to Wk 7 on Friday. Getting excited because we're almost through the program & I'm still loving it :D :D

  • Yay go both of you! Week 7 beckons and graduation is in sight!

  • I am enjoying it so much & can't wait to graduate. The support and encouragement we have had from this forum has been just fantastic and has kept us going. Thank you all xxx

  • That's the beauty of this forum. Someone once described it as a never ending wheel of support. You start, everyone supports you. You graduate, you start supporting the next wave and so it continues. There is absolutely no way I could have got through to graduation without all the amazing people on here 💙

  • Well done - not just for running it yourself, but trying to get her to slow down (and keep running!!)! I keep having similar conversations with myself!! :)

  • Well done both of you. :)

  • Fantastic!! Lovely photo :) Well done to both of you

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