Like a Snail on a Skateboard

Second attempt at W6D3 arrived and though my enthusiasm-o-meter was in negative numbers after monday's experience of running head first into the Runner's Wall, I still got up, put my kit and running lights on, let Mam take our before photo and we set off, me with some trepidation.

The walk finished and the running started and I'd only just put one foot in front of the other when Mam grabbed the back of my jacket to pull me back and slow me down, reminding me it's not a sprint, it's a marathon and why was I running as if I expected a gold medal for the fastest time? She told me to keep pace with her and I immediately grumbled that it wasn't much faster than walking. "who cares?" she answered "No one's taking notes. You're running"

She had to pull me back several more times, because I didn't realise I was speeding up, then tell me to keep going as we only had 5 minutes left (she'd also put up with me flipping off my phone and threatening to throw Sarah in the bin - though there were those 7 glorious minutes where no-one interrupted my music and I could properly focus on Right Said Fred telling me how I was just too sexy)

Sweating though feeling just barely faster than a snail on a skateboard and absolutely certain there were probably tortoises going quicker than I was, I finished this thought-up-by-sadists run.

It's done but Mam and I have decided to do this day again, just to make sure we can do it before we move on to running for 28 minutes


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9 Replies

  • Well done - and well done your mum for keeping you on the straight and narrow speed-wise! :) Mum is of course absolutely right. Speed - or lack of - is absolutely unimportant at this point. The only way it matters at all is that it's essential not to go so fast that you can't finish the run.

    And hey, you did it! Two-thirds through the plan now, just three weeks to go! (Check before you repeat W6r3, because in the podcasts w7 is just(!) three more at 25 mins)

    You can do this. You *are* doing this! :)

  • Yeahhhhhhhh, well done, we knew you could do it!

    No dont repeat. You ve done what is required. Celebrate and move to the next run. Its just a couple of extra minutes on top of what you now know you can do.

    The graduate's couch awaits you both. But go slow and steady on the journey there 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️😀

  • But at least you did it!!!

    I'm currently trying to run slower, as I think that is why my lungs are complaining - not a bad thing to do! :)

  • I think my problem is that I walk so quickly that it translates into when I run

  • I walk quickly too - but I have found that if I run too fast (although it doesn't feel fast at the time) just causes me too many problems!!!

  • Running is a diffetent technique......both feet off the floor at times as opposed to walking when you have at least one foot on the floor always. Therefore its harder and different muscles must work more. Build those running legs by running but slow and steady😀

  • It's not the legs that are my problem - it's the lungs!!!!

  • I am the same, having problems since graduating think I am going too fast. need to go back to tortoise speed x

  • Listen to your mum..she is right. Soon you should find that the first 8 mins of a run are tricky, but then your breathing relaxes and you can just go on and on. Your legs know what they are doing and have the oxygen to do it. This is when running becomes 'fun' and something to enjoy not just endure.

    So slow at the start is very important.

    You're doing great.😊 and mum😊xx

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