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Annoyingly Endomondo let me down this morning, he couldn't find the GPS location. I was so disappointed because I'm sure I've got faster. (well the faster of the 2 beasties just mentioned) Each of the runs this week have left me a long way from the gate in the park and I've had to keep walking for the warm down a long way further. Today I finished AT the gate :-)

Notpheidippides is well again and showed his fitness by bounding off out of sight immediately we started to run. I don't like having him in sight as it makes me feel so slow in comparison. But I felt so much more comfortable running than on Monday...i felt great even at the end and was smiling happily all the way home :-) Bring on week 5 I'm (I think) ready for you!

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Get you - that is fabulous. Well done for sticking with it and getting faster. I have just done week 5 run 1 - it was ok---once i sorted the hill out. so run2 for me tomorrow - again feeling ok - but not so sure about R3.

Best of luck with your runs in this happy sunny week.


Wow! You run hills :-) I only run on totally flat ground like parks. Walking up hills is breathtaking running would be impossible. Hope the weather keeps good for run 3 especially.


Aha! I had a date with Mr. Endomomdo for the second time this morning. The first time he let me down big time but today he was more attentive. When I got back and looked at my stats he had drawn pictures for me - one of a tortoise and the other of a hare :D

Glad NP is better and glad you felt more comfortable today. You will be fine on Week 5 - good luck, and let us know how it goes.


Thanks Anniemurph. The support on here is great. I keep telling myself I have to keep going cos otherwise I'd be letting so many people dawn!!


Quite right! :D No ducking out now! Glad NP is better, even if he is dashing off and leaving you. Tch! :)

Enjoy week 4!


Ha ha You live and learn- I thought Endomondo - was a genuine running partner and wondering what was so special that you all ran with him - but now i know...

As for hills - not likely - i puff pant and then generally walk!


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