I've enjoyed Jog Scotland tonight!

Went back out with Jog Scotland tonight, more circuits on grass but what a difference from my first time.

We had two coaches with us and there were 8 runners, good warm up exercises first and then we were off.

We were going to be running 5 times for 4 minutes with recovery periods of 2 minutes, I can do that!!! The first 4 minutes would set our goal distance to aim for each time. Well I did the complete loop of the playing fields and some, about 750m the first time. I was about 10m short of reaching a gardeners hut so it was something to aim for the next time. Yep I got to the hut the 2nd time, then the 3rd, 4th and 5th time.

GoodRunGuide calculated overall distance 4.15K in 20 minutes, if that is anything like being right that's a sub 30 minutes for 5K. :)

All I have to do now is be able to keep that pace up without any 2 minute recovery breaks. For long enough I've said time is not that important to me, I still say that, but hey what a buzz I got tonight, not only managing respectable distances but kept the pace going too, faster than I've ever run, and out of the 6 runners we now had as two left before we finished I was second. Life in the OldGirl yet it seems ;) Happy running everyone.

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  • You are doing a good job waving the flag for older runners there! That almost sounds like fun? :)

  • Do you know Greeners it was fun, it was challenging but having set a first circuit distance I was determined to get there or better it each time, I didn't let myself down either ;) Not sure I would ever be able to continue that speed for a whole 5K though.

  • Wow Oldgirl that's excellent!!

    I think I would really struggle with that but a challenge I would love all the same!

    Can't wait to hear how you get on next time!

  • Lots of life in the Oldgirl yet, I'd say! That sounds like good fun (can you imagine us saying that before C25K?), and a good time too.

  • That's great, well done. Running with a group really helps.

  • Hi Oldgirl do you think jogscotland is suitable for beginners? I tried one before and there were no real 'beginners' so didn't feel comfortable, though I can imagine it's good to run with a group.

  • This group of sessions that I am doing is the second set, I didn't do the first lot as I felt they were too like C25K in their structure, which would have been like taking a huge step back for me as I graduated over 2 years ago. Tonight I was more relaxed and had got over my apprehension of running with others, it pulled me on to run times I've only ever dreamed I could do, never actually done it before. Have a look on their website and see if you can get an idea of the structure they run, there is a booklet so I'll see if I can get a copy of it too for you. Will PM you if I can get some info.

  • thanks v much - I'll take a look at their website.

  • That sounds like great training... And you are doing do well... I'm so desperate to nail that 5k in under 30 minutes, you just have to run so fast though!!!! Well done xx

  • Sounds like a fantastic sessions, especially after your TX? session, Jacobs Ladder here you come ;-)

  • That sounds a great session. Which jog Scotland is that? (So I have something to aim for) I've been away and forgot my bra so no running so back to w6r1 today after a disappointing run earlier this week. It was great! Mojo is back.

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