A host of Golden Daffodils 🌾

Today my run took place where it all began..the park where I did Week 1 Run 1 in April 2015... haven't been back there since Week 2 because we found it a 'bit hilly'.

Took the opportunity for this run today as hubby was blood doning nearby. (I'm way to squemish)

To get a 30 min run I decided I would have to run on the pathways outside of the large hilly park, but cut through to do the downhill part back to the start then repeat the circuit. There were other runners doing this too..but the opposite way..strong fast runners some of whom did not acknowledge me..but two did the smile and nod😊..

Anyway at the very start of my run after the warm up..I noticed..yes daffodils in flower in the grass at the edge of the park. Lots of them. It wad quite mild today I did notice.

I must tell Oldfloss I thought, (did you have a little outing today) as it means spring is on its way.

I enjoyed the different route, more first time round than the second, but was dismayed to find my strava malfunctioned and I did not get the numbers. I would have liked to have seen how far/fast I went to compare with my usual run.

Oh I forgot to mention the man that stopped and cheered me on with a thumbs up as I trundled past him.. 😆

All in all a successful run and if you compare it to the last time I ran there (Wk1R1) an amazing feat.

I should try it again to get a recording on strava but not sure if I want to go that public again yet.😉

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  • How lovely to go back and run where you first started. Added bonus to see the first glimmers of Spring and better still to get a spontaneous thumbs up! There's benefits to going public ☺

  • Sounds a lovely run, and daffodils to boot 😀💐 sure Oldfloss will enjoy them 😁

  • I did... I can see the brightness in my inner eye :)

  • Nice to be acknowledged, isn't it?

  • 😀yes.. I think...Lol

  • Ah it really gives you a boost when someone cheers you on doesn't it ?

    Oh I love daffs, so bright and cheerful .

    Well done Jan :-) xxx

  • Thank you Pops..a much more populated route near the sports centre...hence the strong runners.😉xx

  • Daffodils in January?!!! Gosh lucky you 😊 That sounds a lovely run Jan and how fab to get a thumbs-up from a very wise man 😉

  • He was a bit scary actually..good job I was going like the wind eh? 😂

  • Beautiful post Jan...thank you...it is so lovely to know that spring is on the way. You thinking of me and seeing the daffodils, has cheered up my grey mood :)

    I did run today, fog again, all day, and I got very wet... but reading this makes up for that :)

    What a super run for you, and nearly a year on... cheering too, tackling the hilly bits, and the mildness that hints of warmer days to come... wonderful!

    Thank you x :)

  • Glad to hear you felt well enough to run today. Take care in that foggy weather so you can get properly better.x

    Not snowdrops but daffs in flower...such a boost.😊xxx

  • Wow.. i shall be looking for signs of Spring on my next run too! :)

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