So, just how scary is week 5 run 3 really?

OK. So I am at the point which looked most scary to me when I first looked at the programme. My next run is supposed to be the 20 minutes at the end of week 5. i have just done run 2, and I was pleasantly surprised by how I did and I even tried to run faster for the last minute or so. I was thinking of repeating today's run a couple of times, but part of me thinks I should just go for it.

So, can I ask, for those of you who went straight for it, how did you find it? Did you have to slow down at all? And, for those that like me are thinking about repeating week 5 run 2 before taking the plunge, do you think that helped, or do you think in hindsight it was not as scary as you thought and you wish you had jumped straight in?

Keep up the good work everyone!!


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  • Well done! The programme builds you gradually through the weeks to cope with the coming weeks, remember slow & steady, and when you've completed r3 you'll probably wonder what the worry was about..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Just do it... :)

    Honestly, you are ready for it... think how far you have come and not how far you have to go.

    The programme is so structured and is intended to get you through it :) If you had a bit left in the tank.. why repeat the run?

    Take your rest day, and then do that run...just keep it, as ever. slow and steady :)

    We have nothing to fear, except fear itself! :)

  • Thanks guys. Wise words!

    To have come so far already is amazing - I am now running further than I have ever done in my life!

    Have a good weekend

  • Your worries and fear are your worst enemies when it comes to running. You can do it. You're ready. You have put in the training, now is the time to reap the benefit and become incredible proud of what you have already achieved.

    JFDI ;-)

  • It's fine honestly! You are totally ready for it - at least physically, now just to persuade your mind. You've already covered the distance, so it won't be a problem to you. And you will be amazed/thrilled when you hear that wee voice telling you, you have just run for 20 mins.

    Go! Go! Go!

    (And don't forget to come back and tell us all about it:-)!)

  • I'm sure you'll do it. Don't try to be quick.

    And as you're doing it think about coming back on here to tell us that it's done! :)

  • You've done well to get this far, and if you've followed the programme you will have been building up over the weeks, so you are ready for W5R3. A lot of it is about your mindset, rather than the physicality of it. If you believe you can do it, you will do it.

    Just go for it... ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I've just completed W5R3 tonight without repeating any of the earlier runs :) yay!

    I set off trying NOT to think about it, knew where i should reach at 8mins after W5R2, another 2 mins and i'm halfway, shins felt like they were wrapped in lead at that 10min point but heading home now so i turned up the music and kept on moving. As it turned out I had gone a bit too far so i ended up running for 23mins but i did find the 2nd half of this run so much easier.

    I think it's all in the mind, reachable targets to get me to that halfway point and it gets easier after that.

    Good luck The_Mighty_Webb, sure you'll be just fine. :)

    BTW i'm 49 haven't exercised since school and ballooned in weight and size since i stopped smoking 4 yrs ago.

  • Well done you

  • I did repeat quite a few runs throughout the programme and week 5 wasn't an exception! The weather wasn't very good so I had to use the gym that week but wanted to do the final run outside, therefore had to repeat one run so I could run my official Week 9 Run 3 outside! Do what you feel happiest with, best of luck.

  • I did it. And I was dreading it, doubting my ability to complete 20 minutes, and as already said, we are ready for it, don't mull over it.go for it, you CAN do it.

    Best of luck.๐Ÿ˜€

  • I too was worried about this run and debated about repeating the week but in the end I just went for it and I did it!!! There was no one more shocked at completing it than me!

    After that run my attitude completely changed and I knew I would complete the total programme. I had every faith in it. I graduated on 29th Dec and my New Years resolution was to just run 3 times a week and I have!! I have stuck to two 30 minute runs and one longer run each week and last night I ran 7.5K without stopping. When I started the programme on 2nd Nov I never thought this would ever be possible!!!

    I am 47 with about 3 stone to loose (hence why I started running) and I have never exercised in my life. Prior to this challenge, the furthest I had ever run was the lead up to the long jump in school!!! You can do this xx

  • I did this today. I struggled a little but only because I wasn't sure what to do with my mind for 20 mins. I found it hard not having the usual intervals. I would also say think about your route. I am a slow runner but even I found that I covered far more ground than normal and running round the local field was boring. I need to prepare my route in advance for longer runs. We are at the same stage. Let us know how you go. Good luck.

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