W3R3 Dreading next week

W3R3 Dreading next week

Before starting this week's runs I thought "no way I'm going to run for 3 minutes..." and here I am, I have finished this week and feel great about it. On my way home I played the beginning of W4 and now I'm freaked out, 3-5-3-5??? Seems impossible... but I'll give it a try. Wish me luck next Monday!

Oh! And here is a picture of St. James park this morning during my run.


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13 Replies

  • It's easy (and very normal) to feel a bit anxious and apprehensive about the next week's run - but remember, if you've managed to complete the runs in the current week three times in 7 days, you are ready to move on. And if you struggle at first, you can repeat the previous week, or just keep trying until you complete the next step three times.

    Pic looks like a lovely place to run - lots of distractions and other things to focus on :)

  • Thank you for your words! It is difficult to find good places for a run in Central London, it is always packed with tourists! But on the other hand, on Wednesdays I get to see the changing of the guard.

  • Nice photo. Well done and don't worry about next week. You've come this far and as others say if need be repeat. There's no rush.

    Well done to anyone getting out in this weather. The borderlands between above and below freezing keep shifting. Early this morning set out about 6.30 it was below freezing but at least the pavements and paved canal were dry so no skating today !

    I don't like to wear more than 2 layers but had to this morning wear extra fleece and woolly hat and gloves !

    like you when I started couldn't run for a bus. Now could probably beat it home. The main thing is that you are getting out the door and you never know until you get into it how well the run is going to be. I was a fraction slower today regularly doing 6 1/4 K over about 43 minutes but did in about 44 minutes. The first rush of cold air slowed me down at first but then got into the swing of it.

    Don't have ambitions to marathons or anything I said to myself " I aim to run 30 minutes 3 times a week anything else is a bonus" The benefits physically and mentally are great. I never have a bad run because I can run for 44 minutes when I run for 30 minutes now it's like a "walk in the park" !

    Happy running keep us all posted.

  • 44 minutes! That sounds like science fiction to me right now!

  • Probably like me, when you get to your week 9 you'll think back and wonder what al the fuss was about when you started ! Good luck.

  • Great place to run, do you run there often? On 28th May the Westminster mile is held there, maybe a good one for you to do?

    Don't worry about progressing through c25k, the programme builds you gradually to cope with the coming weeks.. remember, slow & steady..😊

  • I didn't know about the Westminster Mile... I am seriously thinking about signing up! Having something to look forward to is a great motivation. It will depend on how I do next week, I have the feeling the toughest part starts in week 4!

  • But don't let the prospect of tougher weeks fase you, you see, if you put the negative thoughts out of your head saying you can't do it which are the gremlins! push them aside! you can do it! like we all have..

    As you go on through c25k then Parkrun can be done, which is excellent, especially for c25kr's. Look on the Parkrun website for your local Parkrun..😊

  • Great pikkie... as for the next run.. yes you can. You are ready for it.

    Keep it slow and keep it steady...enjoy the view and go for it :)

  • Lovely place to run. You can do it x It's a great feeling to get to the end of the 5 minutes, I just finished Week 4 today as was scared of it too. But it's not as bad as you expect. Take it slow and you will do it. Good luck xx

  • Thank you! I'll keep you all posted.

  • As you run, remember that there are lots of us here rooting for you, all shouting, "If I could do it so can you!"

  • Week 3 is harder than week 4! It's a bigger jump going from 90 seconds to 3 minutes than it is going from 3 minutes to 5. You are totally ready for this😊

    There's no pressure either (only from the gremlins). Everyone here is 100% behind you. Slow and steady does it. Oh and I LOVE that you get to see the changing of the guard!

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