Accidental 10k

Accidental 10k

Just. Don't laugh too hard, okay?

First run out with the canicross peeps at the big nature trail place that gets a big turn out*. There were a LOT of really new people there this morning so when they decided we should split up into smaller more manageable groups - the accidental 71/2k of just before Christmas having done no harm at the time - I opted to head off with the 7k group.

Unfortunately our group's leaders got a bit turned around in the woods.

Fortunately, we did stop frequently** so I'm not a total wreck. I do think I'll have to ice my achilles when I get home though.

*Totally forgot to mention that I managed to lock my keys in my car and had to get my daughter's other half to drive to mine, fetch my husband's keys then drive back to where I was with the dog.

** Had MapmyFitness on autopause so the time in the screenshot is actual moving time. Cannot believe I left it on Walk though 😯


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12 Replies

  • Brilliant run! Sorry to hear about the keys teehee. You can edit the 'Walk' to 'run' if you want to. Looks similar to Mapmyrun so select the appropriate workout, top right corner tap the three little dots, select edit, change to run!

  • Yes, yes I can. 😊 I sometimes forget because by the time I've waited for it to sync - it doesn't let me do it before - I just can't be bothered anymore.

  • Wow, what a fantastic run, but look after your Achilles. I did feel for you leaving your keys in the car. That's as bad as when my car refused to start after a run. Thank goodness you have a good support team!

  • I will indeed look after my achilles - it's a bit of a weak spot of mine so I iced it anyway when I got home.

    I have now left a spare key at my daughter's place. 😉

  • Brilliant run!!! (shame about the keys! :-o )

    Just be careful though - don't want you injured again!

  • Will do!

    I've cold packed, I've bathed, I've taken some ibuprofen. I'm a but stiff but nothing feels damaged. Now for a good night's sleep.

  • A good night's sleep cures a lot of things!!☺🛌

  • Wow, a 10k! Magic motivation of group running! Hope your achilles eases up.

  • It is a lot easier in a group, especially when you know everyone is prepared to walk stretches. And having the dogs means stopping completely once in a while so they can take a drink etc.

  • Well done Madee😄... thats a great idea set off to do 7k and end up with 10k under your belt.. pity the gremlins got wind of it and messed with your keys!!

    Hope you've recovered ok. Well done. 😊xx

  • The kicker to the whole key fiasco is it turned out one of the other runners is a locksmith. We were nearly back at the car park when I found out. He said if he'd known before we set off he could have got me back in, no problem. 🙈

  • Doh!😯

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