Holding of keys - can anyone recommend an arm band?

So far I've been holding my mp3 player in one hand and my keys in another, as however tight the pocket the keys jingle. The main problem is that I need 3 keys to get back into my flat, one in particular being chunky. I have been looking for an armband but they either seem to be phone/ipod holders with a tiny slot for one key or arm wallets where you can't access the mp3 player.

Can anyone recommend an arm band that would hold an ipod touch (still allowing use of the screen) but also a pocket for a small bunch of keys? Or would such a thing be too big for an arm??


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19 Replies

  • I don't know if you're male or female. But I put mine in my bra!

  • Haha I am female. But 3 keys would be too many for that I think!

  • Me too! I use a caribena to attach my keys to a strap and tuck them in. lol - I have 2 keys

  • Car key in one cup, iPod in the other. Does anyone know if iPods go rusty if they get sweaty?

  • I'm doing the same for my keys but use an arm band for my phone!

  • I run with a bum bag, has my keys, phone and tissues in (I found around week 4 that my nose runs when i run). My mp3 player hangs round my neck. I discovered that my back doesn't ache so much if i have the bag of the bumbag at the back.

  • Got a really good Karrimor Wrist Wallet to put my keys in cost about £ 6 you can buy from amazon, I put keys and money in it. Good value for money

  • I've got an armband which I got from JJB Sports jjbsports.com/run-365-armba... £4.99. I can get my (fairly chunky) mobile phone in there along with my mp3 player. So if you've only got an mp3 and keys to put in I'm sure they'd fit ok. I see they do a Nike version which is 'expandable'! £9.99 jjbsports.com/nike-lightwei...

  • I can recommend Sports Direct too for lots of cheap options. I had to buy a pair of running capris so I made sure they had a pocket. My 4 keys just about fit in it. Then I have an armband for my ipod. I'm not sure that you'll find an armband that does both. Amazon is good for options too.

  • running bottoms with a zip pocket for keys; ipod stuffed down bra!

  • I have a karrimore waistband with a pocket on it that expands. It does not always stay in the same place when you run, but it has got me by so far. I also have an arm band for my phone, same maker, that has a plastic front so that I can operate the phone in it. All of these were from sports direct so nice and cheap. But I have just bought some trousers with a zip pocket which are really good and take my house and car keys. Just have a look around the internet as there are things out there to make it easier!

  • I use this for my iphone but you can put all sorts of stuff in it, it's really comfy and stays in place very well:


  • I have a belt - not armband! - from TuneBelt. I bought it from Amazon. My iPhone fits in it perfectly, the see-through plastic on the front is designed so that the touch screen still works, and there is a little pocket on the back for keys. The pocket itself measures roughly 3 3/4"x2". The foldover flap is a bit above the pocket, so you'd have a bit more room. It is secured with velcro. The material is neoprene, so it is stretchy. I tried using a pocket in one of my pairs of running trousers, but the keys jangled there, They don't make a sound in this pouch.

  • I'm glad someone else uses their bra lol I put my ipod in my bra and link the keyring of my keys round my bra strap might have to get a caribena sounds like a good idea

  • I got an arm band from Sports Direct, it cost about £4 and holds my iphone and a key easily, it could definitely fit in a couple more keys without any bother.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions! Looks like a visit to Sports Direct will let me see the options before buying - might also have to buy some more running gear (for when it gets colder - essential purchases, right?)

  • I saw a fake one of these in Sports Direct - same thing, different manufacturer, so that might be worth a look! y-fumble.com/about.php

  • Try a flip belt. Goes round your waist and has slits in which u put your keys, phone etc into. V secure and stays in place. Just google flip belt. Love mine

  • You definitely need a running armband, most have a convient extra pocket for your money or card or even house key. The Fitness Foresight have a list of armbands to help you decide which is best for you, check it out athttp://www.thefitnessforesight.com/best-running-armbands/

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