Tummy bug

Well yesterday evening I completed W2R3 I had felt low all day but as I had my daughter out for 3 hour walk in the forest I thought I was just tired. So off I went and completed the run I was a little unhappy as I felt I had left a bit much in the tank and should have pushed myself a bit more. So I put my daughter to bed and had dinner. That's when it all started to go wrong. I could not finish it and was quickly very sick but I thought maybe I had pushed myself harder than I realised and it was just because I am unfit. No I was up all night with V&D it's been awful. I am just starting to keep water down now so think I am on the mend. But I was wondering 2 things, first as I know I could have done better in last night should I do the run again. Also when should I get back to running just once I feel better or should I give it a few more days? I don't want to take to long a break incase I don't get back to it. Thanks


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6 Replies

  • Firstly, look after yourself and get better! Once you're better and have a bit of energy back, then it's time to try running again. There's no need to repeat a run because you feel you could have pushed harder; that just shows you're definitely ready to move on. Returning after illness, I might be inclined to do that week 2 run one more time just to ease back in and check you're up to it, rather than going in on the next step up (if you see what I mean!).

    Hope you're on the mend soon...!

  • Hope you feel much better very soon. Just go back to the running when you feel ready. If you want to consolidate, you can repeat the last run but if you're back to feeling fine within a week then I think you'll be fine to move on. As a million people have said before "listen to your body". You will know. Get better soon! ☺

  • If you maintained a running motion when Laura (or app person) said to maintain a running motion and maintained a walking motion when Laura (or app person) said to maintain a walking motion, what more is there????? How could you be unhappy with that????? Why should you have pushed yourself harder?????

    Essentially this was just that same unpleasant virus messing with your mind as well as your gut.

    So no reason not to move on to your next run when you've recovered (maybe not tomorrow though?)

  • Run when you feel better, just remedy to keep hydrated, especially considering the nature of your illness. Best of luck

  • Get well soon! Taking a break until you feel better is advisable as the tummy bug makes dehydration worse. I feel you as I had one a couple of weeks back and had to repeat a week. Repeating worked for me.

  • Well done for finishing Week 2!

    No no, don't worry about your own assessment of your runs, completing each run is all you need to do at this point! Leaving some in the tank is a good idea because it means you'll manage those steps up week to week ok. Remember, you're running for 9 minutes now but you'll soon be running for 20+ continuous minutes so save what's in your tank for then. :)

    Hope you recover quickly. Make sure you're feeling energised again before you run. A couple of extra rest days won't hurt. :)

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