6th post grad run - 6km!

6th post grad run - 6km!

So to celebrate my sixth run after graduating I pushed on a little bit to what felt like was the next natural step, 6km. Great run, felt strong all the way round and when I saw my pace on the app I couldn't believe the consistency.

I don't think there is any other reason for this post apart from me bragging. And do you know what I just don't care. I have never felt better about myself physically and I am so proud so why can't we all brag from time to time?!

Happy running everyone!!!

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  • Wow, you are fast and consistent, David! Extremely consistent! Very well done. Congratulations on your 6k. It is okay to be proud!

  • Good times!! (in all ways!)

  • Brag away... if you do not blow your own trumpet..no-one else will.. ( Except us).:)

    Great time... great distance.. My first 7K took me longer!!! ( Mind, i am old) x

  • Sorry.. you did 6... really great time...( told you I was old... eye-sight going) :)

  • Wow! Just wow! 💫

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