Running on the beach

Running on the beach

Missed my run on Saturday as we were returning DD3 to uni. We had decided to travel home slowly over a few days. This morning, I was determined not to miss my run and we were camped up at StBrides Bay, Wales and although the rain and the wind had made for a stormy night, the morning was beautiful, sunny and windy. I decided to run on the beach from one end to the other and back again. It was a real thrill, quite different to any run so far as it was such different surroundings. I would really recommend a change like that every now and then. I did 10 run, 2 walk, 10 run, 2 walk, 10 run, warm ups and cool downs either end of course. I felt great and to top it all the site had free hot power showers. :)


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20 Replies

  • That looks such a fab place to very jealous!!! :)

  • It was lovely, only saw one other runner in 4 days on the coast! The other runner was road running though. How great would it be to live near a place like that

  • How lovely !

    I'm looking forward to running on a beach in France in June - the great thing with this running lark is that you can do it anywhere and I've got it in mind to make sure I get a run in whenever I'm away from home and to keep a record of everywhere I've run.

    Did you wear shoes or did you have a go at barefoot running ?

  • I was going to try barefoot but I felt a bit like I was on a stage, car parks above the beach and quite a few dog walkers, I really felt self conscious to start with and completely forgot my intention until about 3 minutes before the end. Would love to try another time though.

  • Sounds lovely and how great to try a different kind of running surface :)

  • My favourite surface so far :)

  • Sounds lovely, I live ten minutes from the beach, have I ever run on the beach? NO!!! I am stupid!!!! I am going to try it on Friday, thanks for the idea :)

  • You lucky thing, what a beautiful area to live in. We could have had a run together, if you go as slowly as me, and I would have seen your new tattoo. Do let us know if you do try it. :)

  • OH arrived home and pointed out that you did not say 'that beach', you said 'the beach'. Sorry, you probably live 10 minutes from another beach, nowhere near this one......sometimes I really wonder where my brain is :)

  • Ha ha, it's probably at the same place as mine :)

  • Sounds wonderful! Is it much arder running on sand? Looks fab anyway :)

  • I ran on the beach in Mauritius and I found it much harder where the sand was soft, so I rnoved closer to the breaking waves where the sand was wet and firmer and then it was a real joy!

    Until I miss-judged it and got soaking wet and felt a real plonker!

  • That sounds idyllic. You probably didn't need your wooly hat on to start with. My OH does wander along behind me picking up layers as I shed them. I'm never brave enough to start off cold. It would be nice to try it in the summer months. :)

  • The sand was very firm which, as TJFlute says, is much easier. I would think it would be pretty hard going in thick soft sand. It was a lovely surface to run on. I could feel my heel just sink a tiny bit to make it a soft landing but firm enough for take off. It's my favourite surface so far.

  • cor that looks amazing! x

  • It was so great. It has spoiled me now, I would really like to run there 3 times a week but then again I do live in a lovely rural area......Harry Hill moment coming up.....which is

  • There's only one way to find out.............

  • fiiiiiiiight :)

  • That just looks stunning- jealous!! :-)

  • sounds wonderfull love the beach wish i lived near one!!

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